Back to School with Kohl’s, Disney, and Jumping Beans! #MagicAtPlay

Disney Jumping Beans Clothing at Kohl's

Send your kiddos back to school in Disney style with Jumping Beans new “Jake and Sofia” apparel collection available exclusively at Kohl’s in-store and online and! With my son being a HUGE Jake and the Neverland Pirates fan, I know we will be picking some of these items up. The third collection for the new collaboration allows boys to embody the adventurous spirit of Jake and the … [Read more...]

Everyone is Fresh and Clean with @Cottonelle!

Cottonelle FreshCare Cleaning Cloths

This article is sponsored by Cottonelle. All thoughts are my own. With two kids in the house, we have gone through our fair share of baby wipes in this house. We always want their bums to stay clean, so every diaper change saw/sees one or more wipes being used. Recently, during my little one's diaper change, I got to thinking...we focus so much time making sure our babies have fresh and clean … [Read more...]

Mott’s for Tots – Packed with Nutrition Toddlers Need

Though Sawyer has started coming around a bit when it comes to trying new foods, he is still quite picky. We have to use other methods for getting him the nutrients he needs. I am certain it's just a phase and he will soon be eating a bigger variety, but until then, we have to get creative! For essential vitamins that come from fruits, most of which he won't eat raw, we often give him … [Read more...]

Say #GoodbyeBurnedPopcorn with The #PerfectPop App from @PopSecret

Pop Secret Perfect Pop App

This post is sponsored by Pop Secret - though all opinions are my own! As long as I can remember, I have always despised burned popcorn. The taste...the's just, ugh! *GAG* The earliest time in my life I can remember burned popcorn was the winter I was six years old. We were on winter break and my granny was watching me at my house while my mom was at work. I asked her for some … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Get through your Summer Reading List…for Moms!

5 Tips to Get Through Your Summer Reading List...for Moms!

With school out and summer upon us, many moms want to take some time out of the warm months to read a few books. It may not seem like this is always a possible feat, no matter how much you want to complete your summer reading list. Kids need attention, they need to be taken here and there, and you may have work to do in between your family’s commitments. Never fear! These give summer reading … [Read more...]

Easier Lunchtimes with Kids – 4 Tips & A Giveaway!

Easier Lunchtime with Kids

Meal times with kids can sometimes be a struggle. Here, we deal with a picky eater that would rather do anything than sit at the table and feed his body most days. There's also the messes that occur almost every other day. Fortunately, I have learned some ways to make lunch time easier for him and me -- and it doesn't take a lot of effort to get him to eat nowadays! 1. Offer limited … [Read more...]

Gym Essentials in the Baggallini Rapid Gym Bag

Gym Bag Essentials & baggallini Review

Most women head to the gym before or after work, so a sturdy bag packed with their gym essentials is necessary. It can be frustrating to show up to exercise without all of your vital items. baggallini recently sent me their Rapid Gym Bag to review, and I feel it would a great bag for all your gym necessities! Gym Bag Essentials When I go to the gym, I am always sure to have the following on … [Read more...]