100 Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Some parents may have trouble coming up with stocking stuffers for kids. So, I compiled a list of 50 ideas to help make your holiday shopping easier!

UPDATE FOR 2014 – This post was originally titled 50 Stocking Stuffers for Kids, but I have expanded the list to 100. Enjoy!

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100 Stocking Stuffers for Kids


1. Coins
2. Card games
3. Fruit – Apple or orange is good!
4. Matchbox cars
5. Play jewelry
6. Crayons & coloring books
7. Cute socks
8. Hair clips
9. Stickers
10. Brightly designed pencils
11. Gift cards
12. Lip gloss or chapstick
13. Nail polish
14. Candy
15. DVD
16. Small stuffed animal
17. Sippy cups
18. Teething ring
19. Toothbrush
20. Dental floss
21. Bubble bath
22. Crayon Rocks
23. Bags of homemade snack or trail mix
24. Notepads
25. Play or felt food
26. Bibs
27. Toddler snacks
28. Undies
29. Temporary tattoos
30. Marbles
31. Stamps and ink pad
32. Yo-Yo
33. Small books
34. Finger puppets
35. Colorful shoelaces
36. Crazy Straws
37. Paddle ball
38. Video games
39. Puzzles
40. Small dolls
41. Make-up and bag
42. CDs
43. Harmonica
44. Hacky sack
45. Hat or cap
46. Jacks
47. Bubbles
48. Pacifiers
49. Earmuffs
50. Silly Putty
51. Mittens or gloves
52. Funky erasers
53. Headbands
54. Travel games
55. Belt
56. Bouncy balls
57. Figurines
58. Snack containers
59. Mini LEGO sets
60. Character bandages
61. Booklight
62. Watch
63. Sunglasses
64. Camera
65. Rubik’s Cube
66. Diary/Journal
67. Flash cards (I love BrainQuest!)
68. Small photo album
69. Bookmark
70. Chocolate!
71. Water bottle
72. Doodle pad
73. Bath crayons
74. Toy instruments
75. Slap bracelets
76. Bracelet making kits
77. Lanyards
78. Glow sticks
79. Christmas ornaments
80. Hot cocoa packets
81. Homemade coupons for fun activities
82. Jump rope
83. ABC Magnets
85. Stamp set
86. Pencil case
87. Finger paints
88. Magic Snow
89. Whistles
90. Sports equipment – batting gloves, shin guards, etc.
91. Bike tag/license plate
92. Lotion
93. Plastic animals – dinosaurs or farm animals
94. Card games
95. Slippers
96. Washable markers
97. Colorful spinning tops
98. Dominoes
99. Calendar or planner
100. Seeds to plant next Spring

Feel free to leave your favorite stocking stuffers for kids in the comments below!

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  1. says

    It’s easy to pick things up throughout the year from the dollar store or dollar section as you’re out and about – then you have a good variety when the time comes!

  2. ANN*H says

    Wow what a list you gave there. This is great . We dont always think of all the things that we can put in their stocking instead of the usual candy or fruits – or black coal for those bad boys LOL. You gave some great ideas for all ages. Thanks

  3. L says

    This might sound strange but I always liked the stocking better than the big gifts. And not just because of the candy. During some very lean years in my childhood, a stocking was all my siblings and I got. But that was okay. There was just something fun about what you might find. And I like filling them for others more than big gift shopping too!

  4. Kori says

    Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas! It’s amazing how I forgot about so many of these wonderful ideas! I would love suggestions for stocking stuffers for men if you have any to share.

  5. sabina millar says

    I like the list! Great ideas. I noticed you have a couple things listed twice, card games #2 & #94 as well as bookmark #69 & #84.
    We love giving books as stocking stuffers and home made things such as favorite pictures drawn or taken with a story about our favorite memory we shared with that person. For example, we ask our daughter what was her favorite thing she did with dad this year? Then we get her to draw a picture and tell her dad why that was such a special memory :) great keepsakes and it helps keep the true meaning of Christmas in our home!
    Thanks for sharing your list. I have some additional ideas now on how to fill a stocking for my nephew.

    • Kecia says

      Well, that’s embarrassing! I even had my husband look over my list before I updated it for this holiday season. I will add a couple unique ideas soon!


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