5 Must Haves for the Swimming Pool

I received the featured swimsuit from Free Country.

We are finally getting some warmer weather around here, which has me thinking about swimming. I know it won’t be warm enough to actually swim for another couple months, but I cannot wait to lounge by my family’s pool! Sawyer loves the water too, so it’s a fun family activity that we can do together.

I was thinking about “must-have” items that I need every year for the swimming pool. Below you will find my top 5!

Free Country Review

1. Thick, plush beach towel. There is nothing worse that trying to dry off with a thin towel that holds no moisture. The cheap ones are usually very itchy too. I splurge and get the thicker ones so they will do the job when I am ready to get out of the pool.

2. Good sunblock. For redheads like me, this is definitely among the top must-haves! I typically use sunblock with an SPF 30. I have heard that higher numbers aren’t much more effective, and so far, that number works for me and my very fair skin.

3. Lots of pool toys. Swimming is a fun act within itself, but it’s nice to have some pool toys on hand. They can help change things up as well as promote better swimming skills. Dive rings, torpedoes, and noodles are all things my family keeps at their swimming pool.

4. Plenty of liquids. Laying out by the pool is very relaxing, but it can leave you dehydrated if you aren’t careful! We always have lots of bottled water on hand when we are having a day of swimming and sunning.

5. Great looking swimsuit. I always want a bathing suit that is cute and colorful. It also needs to be comfortable and not too loose or too tight. The swimsuit I recently received from Free Country fits the bill!

Free Country Swimsuit Top

For a review, I was sent their Diagonal Stripe Tankini and matching Board Shorts. When I saw the top on their website, I immediately fell in love with the baby blue and chocolate brown. That is my favorite color combo! I also loved the simple design – it’s cute without being too overwhelming. It works well with my skin tone too.

The back is another thing I love about the tankini. So many swimsuits come with low backs or those that criss-cross, making a very weird looking sunburn if you were to get one. The racerback style fits similar to a regular tank top and doesn’t leave a lot of my back exposed.

Free Country Board Shorts

The Board Shorts from Free Country fit very nicely as well. They are made of a quick drying material, so I can wear them even after I’m finished swimming. All I have to do is change tops and I’m ready to leave the pool. The dark brown with blue detail complements the tankini. Plus, I love that they have pockets!

Check out other swimsuits sold by Free Country!


  1. Karen Glatt says

    These are so important to take to the swimming pool. When out in the hot weather, everyone needs to take a water bottle, and make sure to drink water often. And good sunscreen slathered on is a must. They say most people do not put on enough sunscreen before going out in the sun.

  2. says

    Hi Kecia,

    What a cute swimsuit! I too love chocolate brown color combinations… however, I prefer it paired with pink!

    I also think the racerback is a great feature on that top. I find that style to be slimming as well!

    I hope you have a wonderful summer,


  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I agree with your 5 things for a swimming pool. I too love your swimsuit. I always love pockets!

  4. Sarah L says

    I was swimming today in a 92 degree pool. No sunscreen. Water bottle. Big fluffy towel. Cute swimsuit. Outside temp 18 degrees with snow flurries.

  5. says

    I really like that bathing suit! I have such a hard time finding one I like, so I’ll keep this in mind. I also agree with your other suggestions, especially lots of drinks. It’s funny how thirsty you get when you’re swimming in water, lol!

  6. says

    Swimsuit season is right around the corner, right?! Oh this winter weather is getting so annoying, your post reminded me that warm weather is coming. This suit is super cute. I love the color combo, too. One of my “must haves” not on your list is a big floppy hat.

  7. twitter_scentednights says

    That suit is really cute. I love board shorts for bottoms. I am never comfortable with the tiny little swimsuit bottoms some places have.

  8. andrea watson says

    I really love this review because all the things you posted were essential to swimming pool survival!

  9. says

    What a cute suit. I wouldn’t feel to bad wearing it this summer after my baby is born and I’m not yet beach and pool ready! Plus, I like the shorts so I can chase my toddler and dog around.

  10. Margie Young says

    I love Tankini’s and this one is really nice. The color combination is a favorite of mine too !!

  11. Casey Colette says

    I cant wait to go swimming either! I live near JAX Fl but its actually the furthest corner of GA, but JAX is the closest city! We have like 8 months of summer here. Its been cold for a bot, and I’m ready for it to warm back up!!!


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