7 Morning Sickness Home Remedies that Work

Morning sickness home remedies are often sought by pregnant women in their first trimester. As the most common – and usually most unpleasant – early pregnancy symptom, feeling nauseous can really make things difficult for you, especially if you have other children to care for. Being the mom of an almost 3 year old, it hasn’t been easy to fulfill my motherly duties when feeling so nauseous.

Luckily, I have found several morning sickness home remedies that have worked for me!

7 Morning Sickness Home Remedies that Work

Morning Sickness Home Remedies that Work for Me

1. Small meals are best. To stay full throughout the day, I’ve been eating 4-5 small meals versus the traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some times, I feel nausea coming on when I’ve waited too long between meals. This also helps to keep my metabolism up and the pregnancy weight I gain down!

2. Peppermint gum between meals. I’ve read in the past that peppermint is a great morning sickness remedy. Since I don’t keep the candies lying around due to having a toddler, I’ve been chewing peppermint gum instead. It helps to keep that icky taste out of my mouth that can sometimes make me nauseated between meals.

3. Eating upon waking up. Before my head leaves the pillow, I down a little bit of water or Sprite with crackers. When I can, I allow that to settle for about 10 minutes before getting up. This was recommended by my doctor and has helped me fight those early morning bouts of morning sickness.

4. Keep your nose in check. My sense of smell seems to be tenfold when pregnant, causing normal scents to be so much more overbearing – to the point that they can make me sick. Recognize the odors that cause you problems and do your best to avoid them until the morning sickness subsides.

5. Opt for bland foods. With your changing body and hormones out of their normal ranges, bland foods can sometimes work best. Spicy, greasy, or fatty foods can irritate the stomach, causing not so pleasant issues for the mommy to be.

6. Add lemon to your water. I try to drink as much H2O as possible during pregnancy to stay hydrated. The plain taste of water can sometimes make me nauseated, however. To combat the feeling, I add lemon to my water or opt for a homemade lemonade (so I can control the sugar). It’s also been known to help me battle morning sickness early in the morning.

7. Take a little walk. Even when I don’t feel like getting off the couch, a walk around the block can help my morning sickness. The fresh air calms the queasiness and the exercise helps my slower-than-usual digestive tract.

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