Atlanta Hollywood Movie Tour Review

I was provided with complementary tour passes in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine.

There are lots of fun things to do in Atlanta. Finding the lesser known attractions is what we are all about. I was recently contacted by a website called Xperience Days, offering to let me review one of the “experiences” in my area. I choose the Atlanta Hollywood Movie Tour, as James and I are both fans of horror films.

Atlanta Movie Tours Review

The tour is given by Atlanta Movie Tours, a company that has been offering movie tours around the city since 2012. Walking into their business, I could tell that there were some hardcore movie fans on staff. There was lots of souvenirs to purchase, most of them centered around the popular TV show, The Walking Dead.

Confession time: Before taking this tour, James and I had never watched The Walking Dead. According to Xperience Days, the tour would show other TV and film hotspots, such as those from Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries. Though not much else was mentioned on the tour (with the exception a few Hunger Games: Mockingjay location), it really sparked our interest to watch the show as soon as we got home. We are halfway through the episodes available on Netflix now!

Hospital Location in The Walking Dead

Hospital Rick Leaves In The Walking Dead

Our tour guide, Charlie, make the movie tour an amazing experience. He wasn’t just some random guide hired off the street – he has been an extra in many, many productions, including zombies in The Walking Dead. He had a lot of insider information that he shared with us as we took the tour. It was fascinating to learn more about the life of an extra – though he’s not a main character, it was fun to listen to his stories!

The tour lasted about three hours, with a stop for refreshments and the restroom around the halfway point. A comfortable coach takes you around the city to the different hotspots. We were allowed out of the bus at a few of the places for photos.

Filming Location for The Walking Dead

Filming Location for The Walking Dead and Fast and the Furious

There were lots of filming locations to see, and it has been fun to go through the TV shows and movies that were mentioned and pick out where we stood last weekend. On the way back to the Atlanta Movie Tours location, the entire bus participated in a fun “Who Said It?” style game from The Walking Dead.

All in all, it was a very fun tour! I cannot wait to take more of the Hollywood tours offered by Atlanta Movie Tours.