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We found out about 12 weeks ago, but I have failed miserably at finishing this post. But yes, I will soon very outnumbered in my home. With a husband, two boys, and a male dog, I’m not sure I stand a chance!

I’m actually very happy, as I said all along that I’d be happy with another boy. I wanted healthy above all, but the thought of having a girl scared me. I grew up with boys, was always considered a “tom boy”, and really am clueless when it comes to being all girly. I keep my hair as maintenance-free as possible, have a professional paint my toenails, and hate wearing dresses myself….yes, I think I’m perfectly suited to only raise boys!

Pregnancy Update

I’ve totally failed at updating my blog every few weeks about my pregnancy, though I said I was going to. It’s just been a very busy summer and is turning into an even busier fall. I am due December 20, and I really believe we have something to do every weekend between now and then. Some weekends, both Saturday and Sunday are filled with things to do! AHH!

I am now at 31 weeks. At my gender scan in July, I was found to have a low-lying placenta. At 26 weeks, they said it was still low but were confident it will get out of the way. For the past five weeks, I was on pelvic rest, playing the “let’s wait and see if it moves” game.

At today’s appointment, however, they found that my placenta has moved out of the way so there’s no cause for concern any longer!┬áHearing this news caused a big wave of relief to wash over me. My iron is still low (found that out at the 26 week appointment as well), but that’s treatable with the supplements I’ve been taking. As long as everything else stays okay, I will be having a natural, drug-free birth like last time!

So far, I have gained nine pounds this pregnancy – I’m pretty happy with that number, especially since I haven’t been able to keep up with a decent pregnancy workout routine. Pelvic rest had eliminated any form of exercise other than light walking, and I was worried about overdoing it to even get my heart rate up. I hope to only gain about 5-7 more pounds before having the baby, which would be a total of ~15 gained this pregnancy – not bad!

And in case you are wondering how I’m looking these days….

30 Weeks Pregnant


  1. Dianna Thomas says

    You look beautiful and Congratulations–A Christmas baby– you are so blessed–We are having a girl around the 19th of January –We are so excited, still a lot to do and get ready for her.You are doing really well on the weight– I on the other hand am not– I have never, never been a sweet eat, but this baby had sure made me into one. Best of luck, again Congratulations–and keep us update as you go along. Stay healthy. :-)

  2. says

    Congratulations!!!! Two boys are just fabulous! My boys are best friends and they’re about to get another brother….girls are awesome, but so are boys!!! :). Good luck!

  3. Rebecca Parsons says

    Congrats on finding out your bundle is a boy! I’m with you on the having brothers and being a tomboy. I had 3 brother’s no sister and the thing was I had 3 girls. OH my they are a handful and you constantly worry. I so wanted boys because I remember how it was with my brothers and how my mother acted when it came to me.

  4. Michele P says

    you look great, glowing… as any expectant mother is of course… congrats on the new addition that will soon arrive, both my babies were born in Dec. one on the 7th and the other on the 16th so that is a very busy month for me now, though one will be 21 and the other 12~!

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