My 3 Favorite Blackberry Z10 Travel Apps #VZWA #VZWVoices

I was recently invited by Verizon Wireless to become part of their Ambassador Program. One of the perks of the program is testing out the latest and hottest gadgets. For the next few months, I will be trying out the Blackberry Z10.

After having the device for a couple weeks now, I have enjoyed downloading apps, playing with the phone’s features, and having a completely different experience from my personal phone (iPhone 4).

We have done a little bit of traveling in this time (girl’s weekend out!) and I’ve gotten familiar with the Z10’s navigation and planning apps. Below are three of my favorite Blackberry Z10 travel apps.

BlackBerry z10 Travel Apps

Blackberry Z10 Travel Apps

1. Gas Buddy – With this app, I am quickly able to see the cheapest gases prices near me. This is perfect when traveling through cities I’m not very familiar with. It’s even helped me save a few cents on each gallon right here in my home town. You can sort by closest to you (uses your GPS location) or you can type in a city name. Very convenient if you like to save money on your travels.

2. AccuWeather – Need to know the forecast before you leave the house? AccuWeather can help! I used to never really worry about the weather, but now that I am a mom, I don’t want to risk being out and not having a raincoat or jacket for my son. I’ve been referencing this app each morning before we need to leave. It’s also helpful if we are staying home – for example, if it’s going to rain in the afternoon, I make sure my son gets some his outdoor play in during the morning hours.

3. Blackberry Maps – Yes, the basic Maps application for the Blackberry Z10 is one of my favorites for travel. It’s been accurate in finding locations where I need to go. I also like the “My Places” feature, which allows me to set my home, work, and other frequently visited locations. I can get home from anywhere by easily choosing the preset location.

I am excited to continue playing with the new phone so that I can bring you more of the best apps/uses/features of the Blackberry Z10!

Which of these Blackberry Z10 apps do you think would be most helpful for you?