Budget Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Tips

If you want to have a budget friendly New Year’s Eve celebration this year, you aren’t alone. Many people have begun scaling back their celebrations over the years, but they haven’t necessarily skimped on the fun. You, too, can have a great time on a dime when the ball drops this year by planning your own New Year’s Eve party.

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Budget Friendly New Years Eve Party Tips


One of the most important parts of a party is the food. You can keep the food simple and order pizzas, but make sure you order well in advance as many places are either closed or swamped from other orders. You can also grill hot dogs and burgers, but if you live in an area where it snows this may not be a good option for you.

If that’s the case, ask each guest to bring a food item and just do a fun potluck dinner where each person can pick and choose what they like. Make sure you have enough drinks for everyone, and also make sure to keep alcoholic beverages out of the reach of any children that may attend. If people are drinking at your party, ask them to bring a designated driver or have a taxi pick them up.

Free fireworks displays

Almost all towns offer fireworks displays- for free! Plan to attend such an event and save money on not buying your own fireworks. If you can’t see the fireworks from where you’ll be hosting the party, ask your neighbors if they will be setting off fireworks. You may get a free show from them, or you could all go in on a fireworks pool and buy stuff for the whole neighborhood.


Keep the New Year’s Eve parade in Times Square on the TV for anyone who may want to see it, but don’t expect people to be glued to it. Offer board games, card games, music, and outdoor activities for fun. You can set up a dart board┬áin the garage, or make a dance floor in the dining room.

Also make sure kids have plenty of games and movies to keep them happy and occupied, and consider setting up an art table for them to do arts and crafts. Make a good mixed CD to keep everyone in high spirits throughout the night.

The countdown

Want to make the countdown special? Gather everyone around and have each person tell what they were thankful for the past year, what they are happy to see go with the end of the year, and what they’re looking forward to in the coming year. Then, yell from 10-1 as the new year rolls in.

Provide party poppers, streamers, balloons, hats, and other cheap New Year’s Eve favors that you can pick up at any Dollar Store to make this part really fun, and toast with cheap champagne or sparkling cider for those that can’t or don’t drink.

What are your best budget friendly ideas for New Year’s Eve?