Beginning my Cloth Diaper Journey with Buttons Diapers

Since meeting many other “green” bloggers who are also moms, I have learned much more about cloth diapers than I knew when Sawyer was born – so much so that I will be using them with baby #2 once he is here!

I have done SO much research – choosing the brands to use, which type of diaper would best work for us, what accessories I need, how to launder the diapers – the list goes on and on! I have found that switching to cloth is better for baby, is more responsible environmentally, and will save me lots of money (up to $1700!) over disposables.

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One cloth diaper brand I heard about along the way was Buttons Diapers. I have read many first-hand accounts from other bloggers, and it seems that everyone who has tried Buttons Diapers has been satisfied.

The company was nice enough to send me a diaper and two inserts to try out with the new baby. The diaper is just too cute that I cannot wait to have it on him once he arrives!

Buttons Diapers are considered to be All-In-Twos (AI2), meaning the diaper and an insert are used on your baby. Buttons Diapers themselves are one size fits all (9-35lbs). The inserts come in sizes small (9-20lbs) and large (20-35lbs), and they are available in daytime or nighttime thickness.

Buttons Diapers and Inserts ReviewThe inserts have snaps on each end so they fit properly into the diaper without moving – and you can even double up, using two inserts by snapping them together for extra absorbency.

My favorite thing about the Buttons Diaper AI2 system is that I can reuse covers when they are not soiled. This means a smaller stash, less of an initial investment for cloth diapers, and less laundry I will be faced with each week. I do want to get more of their covers and inserts so that I will be able to use them on a regular basis.

Buttons Diapers

Buttons diapers come in several different colors, and this one (Apple) is one of my favorite shades. They have a very simple look and their signature button design on the back. It will look SO cute on my little one’s bum! I will be doing a follow up once he is here and I’ve had a chance to use this Buttons Diaper on him.

Until then, be sure to connect with Buttons Diapers and check out the other diaper colors and items they offer!


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    I feel like this is a bit of a foreign language in some respects because they really didn’t have all these beautifully designed cloth diaper options. I envy you a little bit!

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    we loved cloth diapering. so much. people were shocked when they would learn i had 3 in cloth at once. they thought i was nutty!! but really- it’s not so different from disposables but instead of tossing in the trash you toss them in a pail, and wash every few days. even laundering them isn’t a huge deal anymore. modern diapers are SO easy to use and so ADORABLE. i love the buttons logo on the back!

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    I don’t know why we didn’t cloth diaper. I think I was concerned with their care and if I had the time to do it. Some of the diapers are freaking CUTE though!

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    Wow they’re so cute! I wanted to try cloth diapering with my girls but my husband was completely against it. My sister did cloth diapering with a few of her 5 kids. She even made some homemade diapers!

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    When mine were in diapers, I had no idea there were so many cloth diaper options out there. I pictured them as ugly rag type things(yes, my first was born before the internet was a part of my daily life). These look so cute!