Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars #Recipe

It's time for another pumpkin dessert recipe! If it's not obvious, I am so ready for fall. All of the yummy pumpkin and apple treats just sound so good! Last year, when I was pregnant with Baby D, I ate so many pumpkin donut holes from Dunkin Donuts, it's not even funny! This year, I'm getting a jump start on the pumpkin recipes I want to make for Thanksgiving and Christmas - including these … [Read more...]

Roasted Vegetable Salsa & Toasted Pita Chips


How many times have you thrown out veggies because they are overripe and starting to shrivel up? I am the worst about buying tons of fresh veggies and then letting them go bad before I get around to cooking them. It's such a waste of money (and food!) and so instead, I've been looking for ways to use those vegetables in dishes before they actually spoil. Thanks, Tiffany, for sharing another … [Read more...]

Homemade Pumpkin Crisp

Homemade Pumpkin Crisp

Does anyone get tired of pumpkin recipes? I sure don't! I live for fall, when the pumpkins are ripe and everyone is making their favorite recipes and desserts. While pumpkin pie is a favorite, it can get a little mundane after a while. Luckily, this homemade Pumpkin Crisp is around to switch things up! The way this pumpkin dessert crumbles is just....heavenly. I cannot wait to make this for my … [Read more...]

Cheesy Bacon Biscuit Breakfast Bake


Tiffany from RealMomTalk.com is sharing another fun recipe today! After my #biscuitfail on Friday, I decided to go with an easy breakfast casserole on Saturday instead.  I found a recipe for Bacon & Cheese Pull-Aparts on Pillsbury.com earlier this week that looked really yummy, so I figured I would give it a try.  I can't follow a recipe to save my life, so I ended up adding extra of … [Read more...]

Brunswick Stew Recipe


One of my favorite winter dishes, aside from my smoky beef and bean chili, is Brunswick stew. If you aren't from the South, you might not have had the pleasure of indulging in this delicious dish before now. Brunswick stew has a tomato base and is full of meat and vegetables, and can usually be found alongside pulled pork and ribs at local BBQ joints. Thanks to Tiffany from Real Mom Talk for … [Read more...]

20 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Ever on the hunt for new homemade ice cream recipes? Chocolate and vanilla gets a little boring around here, so I am often searching the web to find new flavors my family can try. Since I've gathered up quite a list of refreshing ice cream recipes, I thought I would share them all with my readers! No matter if you are wanting fruity or chocolate, this list of 20 homemade ice cream recipes … [Read more...]

Easy Snack for Kids: Peanut Butter Banana Rollup

Peanut Butter Banana Rollup

We are all about easy snacks for kids in this house. I have enough on my "plate" (pun intended) with 3 meals, housework, blogging, and playing with my little ones. Snack time should ALWAYS be simple, in my book! With Sawyer being quite the picky eater, I have to take the foods he likes and get creative with them. Because he loves peanut butter and a banana is usually edible to him, these Peanut … [Read more...]