Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Balls

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Balls Recipe

Fall. Hoodies. Jeans. Football. PUMPKIN! One of the my favorite things about this season is all the pumpkin flavored foods to try. I seek it out every time I'm in the store or a bakery. It's an addiction, y'all. This pumpkin dessert helps me satisfy the pumpkin craving even when it's not Fall. They are easy to make, and perfect for any time you need a small bite of chocolatey pumpkin … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pudding Parfait

Pumpkin Pudding Parfait

Fall is on its way, which mean pumpkin desserts will be all the rage soon! I know I cannot wait for all of the pumpkin flavored goodies to show up in my favorite stores and restaurants. I am one of the hardcore fans that will even go out in search of something pumpkin flavored! These Pumpkin Pudding Parfaits are something simple I can make at home when getting a hankering for a sweet … [Read more...]

A Family Klondike Bar Taste Test!

Klondike Variety

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Klondike. I received free product coupons to facilitate my review as well as compensation for my participation. When it's super hot and my family's been enjoying the outdoors, we like to cool down with a ice cold treat. With four people, it can sometimes be difficult to settle on one dessert we all like -- or want. … [Read more...]

Wholesome Snacking with Yoplait

Eating Gogurt

My two boys are like snack kings. They eat well at meals, but still ask for a snack or two everyday. They are just 4 and 1 right now...I can't imagine how much they eat when they are 10 and 7! When the kiddos come to the kitchen asking for a bite, I try to choose wholesome snacks when possible. I want to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need each day, and I have the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Simple Cherry Limeade Drinkable Yogurt

Cherry Limeade Drinkable Yogurt

With kids at home for the summer, it's important to have lots of wholesome snack ideas. They will soon tire of fresh fruit, nuts and granola bars. Us moms have to mix it up! One thing both of my boys love is yogurt. They eat a Gogurt® squeezable yogurt almost daily but I've been thinking of other ways I can mix up this snack to provide them with a 'better for you' option. Summer snacking is … [Read more...]

20 Satisfying S’mores Recipes

20 Satisfying S'mores Recipes

We are seriously all about the s'mores recipes around here! I've shared a couple on my blog, but in my house, we are always thinking up new ways to enjoy the chocolate and marshmallow sweetness! Browsing around the web for ideas, I have come across so many new s'mores recipes for our family to try. I decided to compile a list that I'll be trying. Maybe you chocolate lovers will gain some … [Read more...]