5 Kid-Friendly Christmas Eve Traditions


Christmas Eve is one of the most magical nights of the year for children as they eagerly await the arrival of Santa.  With this anticipation filling their hearts and minds, planning a fun Christmas Eve can help the time seem to pass more quickly!  Here are 5 kid-friendly Christmas Eve traditions you … [Read more...]

Healthier Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner

Edible Arrangements Autumn Swizzle

With so many good foods served for the holidays, it can be hard to watch your weight. I always say I am going to cut back on the carbs and pick less treats from the dessert table. However, once I see my family's homemade pies and cakes, I usually cave. I enjoy as many as I can fit on my plate, not … [Read more...]

Pretzel Snowmen – A Cute Holiday Treat!

Pretzel Snowmen

Holiday treats are so much fun to make! In our house, we like to take ordinary snack items and transform them into cute, festive goodies. Take these Pretzel Snowmen, for example! Aren't they cute? We are considering making some for our big Christmas dinner at the first of December. I am sure … [Read more...]

Washi & Sand Christmas Ornament

Washi and Sand Christmas Ornament

You can turn a clear, plain ornament into something festive and fun when you add just a little washi tape and sand. Take a peek below at how we created our own washi and sand ornament, perfect for adorning your tree with. Making one is easy, so easy in fact even children can enjoy this craft. Here … [Read more...]

Turkey in Disguise Idea – Leafy Fun!

Turkey In Disguise - Leaf Pile Idea

Have you heard of the fun Thanksgiving craft called "Turkey in Disguise"? Fellow blogger, Trisha at MomDot, introduced it to me and I couldn't wait to do it! It can really spark your child's creativity, and the kids craft can be done by all ages. The idea is to take a drawn or printed turkey and … [Read more...]