Homemade Sugar Plum Play Dough

Sugar Plum Scented Play Dough

It's almost time for Christmas crafts for kids! I cannot believe this year has flown by so quickly...but we are into birthday (September and December) and holiday season around here. My oldest has really been digging play dough lately, so I was thinking - how cool would scented play dough be! Sugar Plum Play Dough is easy to make, and it will have your kids thinking about Santa's arrival. Read … [Read more...]

30 DIY Fall Decor Ideas

30 Fall Decor Ideas

These days, DIY fall decor ideas are very popular. Many crafty people can create elegant pieces for a fraction of the cost of buying from home decor stores. Plus, by making it yourself, you can put your own preferences into the decor you set up through your house! With the internet at our fingertips, finding the right DIY fall decor can be difficult. I have put together a list of 30 ideas from … [Read more...]

Trick or Treat Safety Tips for Kids

Trick or Treat Safety Tips 1

Going trick or treating may be the best thing about Halloween for kids! It’s a night they get to dress up, get out of the house, and get lots of goodies! There are some trick or treat safety tips that you and your children should know, so that they night goes smoothly and everyone has lots of fun! 1. Purchase safe Halloween costumes. Make sure they are not too long, which can cause the … [Read more...]

15 Patriotic Desserts

15 Patriotic Desserts #FlagDay #MemorialDay #4thofJuly

Patriotic desserts are a great way to show off your American spirit. With so many holidays resonating from our American heritage, there are always reasons to celebrate with food. Independence day usually involves BBQs and fireworks. Memorial and Labor Days around here were often spent camping down at the lake when I was younger. These events call for Patriotic desserts that will satisfy the … [Read more...]

15 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

15 St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas #crafts

St. Patrick's Day Crafts are a great way to celebrate a fun holiday. My husband shares his birthday with the holiday, so we usually celebrate it as his day instead. However, this year, I wanted to round up a few ideas on crafts I could make. I wanted a few things to sit around the house, and many of these craft ideas can double as nice St. Patrick's Day decor! 15 St. Patrick's Day Crafts Rainbow … [Read more...]

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Pamper Your Lady

7 Valentine's Day Gifts to Pamper Your Lady

It’s February and there’s no other best time to celebrate love all over the world than on Valentine’s Day. Like you, lots of men find it challenging to look for gifts for their lady when in fact spoiling her with presents is so easy. With Beauty Encounter, top perfumes, bath and body products, cosmetics and skincare luxuries for your woman will be so much easier to find. This love month, pamper … [Read more...]

Find All your Valentine’s Day Gifts at Kohl’s #MC #LoveKohls

Ghirardelli Chocolates

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Kohl’s. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. I will readily admit that I enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day. Yes, it's become a commercialized holiday and love should be celebrated every day, but I'm a romantic and love having any reason to celebrate my relationship with my husband, kids, family, … [Read more...]