Nutrisystem Week 17 Update #NSNation

Since we rang in 2013, I think we have been nothing but busy! Even with the rushing around, organizing the house, and getting Sawyer into a new big boy bed, this week was a good one for my Nutrisystem journey! Though we were busy, I managed three days on the treadmill, walking 2 miles each time! … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 16: The Good and The Bad #NSNation

Nutrisystem's French Toast with Fruit on Top

This week of my Nutrisystem journey, I made a new discovery. Vacation is MUCH harder than the holidays when it comes to staying on track with your weight loss efforts. So many restaurants, many of them new and that we hadn't tried before. I took plenty of my foods with me, yet we always had the urge … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 15: Moving Forward #NSNation

The holidays have been one big roller coaster for my Nutrisystem journey. I've been gaining, losing, and gaining a little more. It's frustrating, because I tried hard not to indulge at the four family dinners we've had this month (two just this week!). However, the holidays are behind us now, so I … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 14 – Quick Update #NSNation

I have to make this update a bit short, as I told my husband that after yesterday, I wouldn't be blogging again until after Christmas. BUT - I had to get this week's Nutrisystem journey post out, because it's a good one! This week, the scale delivered me a slightly early Christmas present - a … [Read more...]