4 Top Sleep Tips for Little Ones {Pampers Giveaway}

Top Sleep Tips for Little Ones

In just a couple weeks, Daylight Savings Time will be upon on us. For little ones, this change can cause sleep disruptions or an earlier wake up time. My older son was never really affected by DST, but I still wonder how my 10 month old will fare next month. Over the past four years, we have, for … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Celebrating Baby’s First Halloween

4 Tips to Celebrating Baby's First Halloween

This baby's first Halloween post was sponsored by P&G. All opinions are mine! We are getting ready to celebrate Dawson's first Halloween around here! I cannot wait to see what my little puppy dog looks like on the big day. It's different from Sawyer's first, as Baby D will be 10 months old on … [Read more...]

Homemade Sugar Plum Play Dough

Sugar Plum Scented Play Dough

It's almost time for Christmas crafts for kids! I cannot believe this year has flown by so quickly...but we are into birthday (September and December) and holiday season around here. My oldest has really been digging play dough lately, so I was thinking - how cool would scented play dough … [Read more...]