Fluffy Bunny & Just How Much Great Wolf Lodge Cares about their Guests

Great Wolf Lodge Bear

Earlier in March, the family and I set off for a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge. It's likely you already know about the press trip, since I tweeted and instagramed it. I also wrote a post on the resort's delicious food. I also have to share what may be the best experience I have ever had at any hotel, resort, attraction, what have you. During our visit to Great Wolf Lodge, we found out about a … [Read more...]

5 Playground Safety Tips for Kids

5 Playground Safety Tips for Kids

With it warming up, our boys have been spending more time at the local playground. Since the oldest is 4 1/2, we have been talking to him more about playground safety. He's old enough to play with less supervision (please note that I said "with less", and not "without" -- children should always have adult supervision at the playground!) but we need him to know the rules. Below are five of the … [Read more...]

Foster your Child’s Creativity with Mickey’s Magical Arts World App

Mickey's Magical Arts World

As Sawyer gets older, he is becoming more and more into technology. When possible, I like the tech games and apps he plays to be educational or foster skills he needs. When I heard about Mickey's Magical Arts World from Disney Imagicademy, I knew it would be a great way to mix our iPad with creativity! My son already loves to doodle and color, but I've learned that not all of that has to be … [Read more...]

360 Degrees of Yum with Graco® Swivi Seat™ Highchair

Graco Swivi Seat Highchair Big Kids

I was recently able to check out the new advancements from one of my favorite baby brands. The topic of discussion: the new Graco® Swivi Seat™ Highchair! Along with an event invitation, I also received a Graco® Swivi Seat™ Highchair as part of this sponsored campaign...but of course, all opinions are mine! At a local Atlanta event, the new baby item was shown in its full glory. The Graco® … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Reuse Sippy Cups in your Home

5 Ways to Reuse Old Sippy Cups in your Home

Has your baby outgrown his or her sippy cups? It’s tough to just throw the dozens of sippy cups you have into the trash. Not to mention, it’s nice to reuse and recycle where you can! Check out these 5 ways to reuse the sippy cups lying around your home. 1. Use as a regular cup There’s no shame in the game of taking the lid off the sippy cup and using it as a regular cup. Most sippy cups … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Reconnecting with your Kids

OurPact App

There is so much to love about being a mom. The baby breath against your skin. The milk mustaches and chocolatey kisses. And of course, those first whispered, “I lub you’s”. But even with all that magic, we are all sometimes guilty of getting so caught up in life that we forget to truly connect with our kids. Work gets stressful, relationships get rocky, and every once in a while – our children … [Read more...]