Trick or Treat Safety Tips for Kids

Trick or Treat Safety Tips 1

Going trick or treating may be the best thing about Halloween for kids! It’s a night they get to dress up, get out of the house, and get lots of goodies! There are some trick or treat safety tips that you and your children should know, so that they night goes smoothly and everyone has lots of fun! 1. Purchase safe Halloween costumes. Make sure they are not too long, which can cause the … [Read more...]

Capturing Memories with Made with Love Ceramic Imprints

Made with Love Custom Imprints Sibling Plaque

With two little boys that grow up so fast, I try to do all I can to preserve memories. They are only little once, and I want something to look back on and to show their own kids some day. When I was asked to review a product from Made With Love Ceramic Imprints, I was excited to capture two cute little hand prints! Made With Love Ceramic Imprints makes a number of keepsakes using custom … [Read more...]

5 Little Pumpkins Craft for Kids

5 Little Pumpkins Craft for Kids

Everyone can remember the fun little finger play of Five Little Pumpkins? This Halloween season, you can not only teach this timeless rhyme to your child, but have this fun pumpkin craft to go along with it. Take a look at how you can make your own five little pumpkins sitting on a gate, and really get into the spirit! 5 Little Pumpkins Craft for Kids What You Need: Small wooden fence … [Read more...]

Tips for Overwhelmed Moms

Tips for Overwhelmed Moms

Do you ever feel like you are completely overwhelmed? With everyday work tasks, family obligations, household tasks and personal responsibilities, it's not unusual to find yourself feeling a little (or a lot) stressed out at times. I've found that a few minor changes to my daily schedule can make a huge difference in my stress level. Thanks to Tiffany from for sharing her tips!   … [Read more...]

Promoting Healthy Eyes for your Kids


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for the American Optometric Association. I received a promotional item for my participation. #MC When Sawyer was born, he had an eyelid that didn't open for almost two weeks. At first, his pediatrician was not concerned, but as time went on, he eventually referred my baby to a pediatric eye doctor. It turns out that Sawyer … [Read more...]

Johnson’s Baby Products Have a New Formula!

JOHNSON'S Baby New and Improved Products

This post was brought to you by our partner, JOHNSON's Baby, and the Motherhood. As a mother, it seems to be my job to worry about my boys. With Dawson, I worry about food allergies, now that we are trying solids. I worry about him getting hurt, since he's sitting up and learning to crawl now. With Sawyer, I worry about injuries that can happen to a rough and tumble preschooler. With both … [Read more...]

Mott’s for Tots – Packed with Nutrition Toddlers Need

Though Sawyer has started coming around a bit when it comes to trying new foods, he is still quite picky. We have to use other methods for getting him the nutrients he needs. I am certain it's just a phase and he will soon be eating a bigger variety, but until then, we have to get creative! For essential vitamins that come from fruits, most of which he won't eat raw, we often give him … [Read more...]