Dear Sawyer: Month 40

Sawyer month 40

Dear Sawyer, This is your first month as a big brother! You love the new role you've been given -- most of the time. While feeding or changing diapers isn't your thing, you love acting crazy to get Baby D's attention. You also don't mind grabbing his paci for him whenever he loses it and starts to get fussy. I cannot wait to see how you two interact as he gets older and can do more things with … [Read more...]

Dear Sawyer: Happy 3rd Birthday!

Sawyer's Third Birthday

Dear Sawyer, You are three years old today! Where has the time gone? I think I've asked that in a previous letter or two, but really, time is flying since you were born. As you continue to grow, you never cease to amaze us. At three years old, you sometimes say things that just sound so beyond your short little life. Like when you told Paw, "Stop, please! I don't have time for your silly … [Read more...]

Dear Sawyer – Month 29

Sawyer - Month 29

Dear Sawyer, Wow, where should I begin? I haven't written a letter since October! I blame it on the hustle and bustle of Christmas, our mini vacation, the new year, and Valentine's Day. All of that has kept the three of us quite busy! Christmas was a hoot with you this year. You are starting to understand the meaning of Santa, and you knew he'd be bringing you lots of presents on Christmas … [Read more...]

Dear Sawyer: Month 25

Sawyer and Chocolate

Dear Sawyer, Looks like I forgot to write a letter to you on your 2nd birthday! I did do a small post though, comparing your hospital portraits to a photo from your party. You've grown so much in just 2 years. I know it's expected when you are this young, but sometimes it's bittersweet to see how smart and active you are! Your Sesame Street birthday was a lot of fun and you loved the cake … [Read more...]

Dear Sawyer – Month 23

Sawyer Month 23

Dear Sawyer, I just realized that I didn't write your letter two days ago when you actually turned 23 months old! Instead, I spent the day wondering off and on how, in just one month, your daddy and I will have a 2 year old kid! Where has the time gone?! It's almost time for your second dentist go Monday. This time, you have double the teeth you had at your February … [Read more...]

Dear Sawyer – Month 22


Dear Sawyer, Every day, you still never cease to amaze us with the new things you have learned. You are picking up so many new words and we have no clue where you even hear something of them. You are loving Barney, Super WHY, Sesame Street, and Curious George, which is where you are picking up some of your vocabulary. You know your first and last name now, and you say both when someone asks … [Read more...]

Dear Sawyer – Month 21


Dear Sawyer, Let's see - you are doing so many new things now (some on a daily basis) that I really need to keep a post it note so I can include them all in these monthly letters. Speaking of keeping notes, I should probably update your baby book at some point! I think I'm up to your first birthday...which was just 9 months ago. I will get to it soon, promise! You had your first haircut this … [Read more...]

Dear Sawyer – Month 20


Dear Sawyer, It seems like just yesterday I was writing you a letter for month 19. Time could slow down a little - as well as your growing! You are now saying lots of phrases using two to three words. You say "please", "thank you", "you're welcome", and "'cuse me" (Excuse me). People comment on how well mannered you are, and it's something that Daddy and I are really trying to instill in … [Read more...]