Holiday Gift Idea: Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker

Kinivo Portable Speaker Review

Do you find yourself listening to music on your smartphone or tablet all the time? If you're anything like me, you probably find that the built-in speaker is never loud enough when you really want to jam out, so what do you do? I was recently sent the perfect solution for our gift guide: The Kinivo Portable Speaker! The Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker will make the music from your … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Idea: EZ Scarf Hanger

EZ Scarf Hanger AFFP Package

As a lover of fashion and all things clothing, I have many scarves in my closet. Many are more for decorative purposes than actually keeping you warm, but I love them all! The one problem with having scarves is that it's quite hard to store them. My standard method for storing my scarves were to fold them up and shove them in a dresser drawer, never to be remembered again. I would literally … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Idea: Crafty Croc Art Supplies

Crafty Croc Review

If you have a crafty person on your holiday list, the products from Crafty Croc would make a great gift! They recently sent us their items for this feature, and Tiffany and I cannot wait to start using them in crafts featured on Southern Girl Ramblings! Crafty Croc offers a pack of 10 liquid chalk markers, and I simply love the colors! They are great for use on many crafting surfaces, including … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Idea: Picture Keeper 8

Picture Keeper 8 Review

It's likely that you have at least one person to shop for this holiday season that likes taking photos. Maybe they enjoy making memories with their kids, or they want to capture every moment of family events on camera. No matter how much your loved ones like pictures, they need some where to store them. I recently received a Picture Keeper PK 8 for our holiday gift guide, and I think it's great … [Read more...]

A FabKids New Look for November

FabKids Clothing

I really like the clothing options I get to review for Sawyer from FabKids. They are always so cute! Plus, with the easy membership, he could get a new outfit mailed to us monthly. It certainly makes it easier on a busy mom when she's doing 10,456 other things and her kids need new clothes! From their November Look Book, FabKids sent us the Classic Guitar Hero outfit. We are all very into music … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Kentucky Made & More Cashmere Scarf


Today's holiday gift idea is for women, and it comes from Kentucky Made & More. All opinions are mine! I think most of us are already feeling the bitter bite of the winter months creeping up on us-which means it's time to pull out the winter wear! It's close to December and usually here in Georgia the weather hasn't gotten too cold yet. I don't know what's going on, but we have been hit with … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Idea: Trucker’s Friend Multi-Tool

Truckers Friend

If you have a man who 'has it all' on your shopping list this year, know that there is still a gift he can use. It's multi-purpose and can come in handy in a number of situations. I recently received on to feature in our gift guide -- and the device I am referring to is the Trucker's Friend! This all-purpose tool comes from American Certified - which offers over 1 million products … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Idea: Popar Toys Interactive 3D Books

Popar Toys 3D Books

Toys and products that work with tech gadgets make for great holiday gifts. It gives the recipient a new way to use this smart phone, tablet, or computer. With Popar Toys, for example, your kids can learn from interactive books used with an iPad!   We recently received two Popar Toys Interactive 3D books for this gift guide feature. I was very interested in trying these out with our … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Idea: Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Cards

If you find yourself shopping for an entertainment guru, you may be considering a movie or TV box set. Knowing what they would like can be difficult, however! The solution? A Netflix Gift Card! I recently received one myself in exchange for this gift guide feature! I have been a Netflix subscriber for several years. In fact, we cancelled our satellite subscription back in 2011, and we now rely … [Read more...]