Tips for WAHMs: Designing your Home Office with Flare

Tips for WAHMs Designing your Home Office

If you are looking to redesign or decorate a home office, there are many unique and cute designs to choose from. Many people want to design their home office but are often stuck with low budgets. However, there are a variety of ways to give your home office its own special flare without breaking the bank. Save Time Using Virtual Arrangement Software Before you can purchase any items and … [Read more...]

Tips for WAHMs: Finding Time to Work During your Child’s Summer Break

Tips for WAHMs - Finding Time to Work during Summer Break

With the summer upon us, many work at home moms will begin to find little alone time in their days. This means adapting their work habits around the little ones who are sure to be underfoot. My two aren’t in school yet, but I am already planning to be more productive once they start (assuming we don’t homeschool). For summers, I’ve also begun thinking about how to find time to work with them … [Read more...]

Tips for WAHMs: Building a Beautiful Home Office

Home Office for WAHMs

As a WAHM, you know how important it is to have a space that is dedicated to just you and your work. We’ve talked about what Moms can do to save money in their home lives this year but what if you’re looking for ways to build a beautiful home office on a very tight budget? 1. Prioritize It’s okay to spend money on the thing you want to be the most perfect. Choose a focal point to the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Another Take on WAHMs and Childcare

Super Mom

This is a guest post by Janet of Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!! I have a strong admiration for Work at Home Moms (or WAHMs) that I cannot describe. I don't particularly care for being at home all of the time and I like to go, go, go. If I'm at home, I'm usually in my pajamas staring at the TV or sleeping. Of course, I have to do housework and play with my boy and talk to my husband and all of … [Read more...]

Tips for WAHMs: Should You Consider Child Care?

WAHM tips

Most work at home moms choose to conduct business from home because of the freedom they receive in regards to their family. They can successfully (most of the time) eliminate the costs of child care and still provide a supplemental income for their home. However, what happens when the kids are too distracting and/or needy? Child care isn't something that most WAHMs think is possible, but is it … [Read more...]

Tips for WAHMs: 4 Time Management Tips

Time Management for WAHMs

Time management can be a difficult goal for a work at home mom to achieve. With so much on your plate, from working, taking care of the family, household chores, and finding time for yourself, many struggle with finding a balance for it all. I struggle with it myself, though it's a lot easier for me now that I have been working at home for several years. At first, however, it was really hard. I … [Read more...]