Guest Post: Another Take on WAHMs and Childcare

Super Mom

This is a guest post by Janet of Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!! I have a strong admiration for Work at Home Moms (or WAHMs) that I cannot describe. I don't particularly care for being at home all of the time and I like to go, go, go. If I'm at home, I'm usually in my pajamas staring at the TV or … [Read more...]

Tips for WAHMs: Should You Consider Child Care?

WAHM tips

Most work at home moms choose to conduct business from home because of the freedom they receive in regards to their family. They can successfully (most of the time) eliminate the costs of child care and still provide a supplemental income for their home. However, what happens when the kids are too … [Read more...]

Tips for WAHMs: 4 Time Management Tips

Time Management for WAHMs

Time management can be a difficult goal for a work at home mom to achieve. With so much on your plate, from working, taking care of the family, household chores, and finding time for yourself, many struggle with finding a balance for it all. I struggle with it myself, though it's a lot easier for me … [Read more...]

Tips for WAHMs: Choosing a Work Location at Home


Not only does being a work at home allow you the freedom work when you want, dressed how you want, you can also work where you want. However, your preferred location may not be the best for you. Many WAHMs find it difficult to work where they do not have a structured environment. Others wouldn't … [Read more...]

Tips for WAHMs: WAH vs. WOH


Though the idea of freedom and being home with your children is ideal, being a work at home mom isn't for everyone. There are many things you should take into consideration when you decide if you want to stay home and work or get a job outside of the home. There are pros and cons to each approach, … [Read more...]