Atlanta Things to Do: Center for Puppetry Arts

During our staycation in Atlanta this past weekend, the four of us took part in something none of us have done before. We visited the Center for Puppetry Arts for a wonderful performance of Charlotte’s Web. I can honestly say that I cannot wait to go back for another show — and my 3 year old would agree!

Photo by Rod Reilly

Photo by Rod Reilly

I was worried Sawyer wouldn’t sit through the whole puppet show. He hasn’t been to a movie theater or anything of this nature before. However, he did fairly well considering he was tired and not feeling 100% (thanks to strep throat at the end of the week).

Charlotte’s Web is playing from April 10-May 25, and with it being one of my favorite childhood books, I was excited that we received tickets to view the performance. The show followed right along with the book, and I love the humor sprinkled throughout! The puppets are too cute and I love the puppeteers’ abilities to move them fluidly. They definitely kept my kiddo’s attention.

At the end of the show, the puppeteers took a bow and spent a few minutes explaining how the show was put together. They discussed the lighting used, how they dressed in black to hide themselves, and the different types of puppets used during their performance. I love how they tossed in education in such a fun and interesting way.

Following Charlotte’s Web, everyone was invited to attend the “Create-A-Puppet” Workshop (it’s included in the ticket purchase). There, Sawyer was able to put together his own Charlotte Marionette Puppet!

Create A Puppet Workshop

All of the pieces and supplies needed were laid out and ready to go, and he got to decorate his spider just the way he wanted it. There were instructions to read, so he let Mommy help him assemble the puppet — but when it came to gluing and coloring, the boy wanted no help. The lady in charge even showed him how to make his puppet move so the strings wouldn’t get all tangled.

Charlotte's Web Puppet

Be sure to check out Charlotte’s Web while it’s playing at the Center for Puppetry Arts. For tickets, showtimes, and more info, check out the Center’s website!