Baby Relaxation with the Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing

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Sawyer did not care at all for a swing. He would begin pouting within minutes of being placed in his. Dawson, on the other hand, it content to relax in his swing – so we needed to replace his on a hurry when it died. Thankfully, Comfort & Harmony were happy to send us their Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing to review.

Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Swing

The swing comes with the need to be assembled, but that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to do. It took us more time to find the right batteries in our home than it did to put the swing together! There are no written instructions for the assembly of the swing, only pictures. That’s how easy it is get put together.

Once the Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing was assembled, Dawson was awake and ready to test it out. We placed him in the swing, positioned the movable head support piece in place, and turned on the swing. He was well relaxed and on his way to dozing off within minutes. The materials for the seat of the swing are incredibly soft, and the plastic buckle to secure him are covered with soft fabric.

Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing Review

I personally love the Cozy Kingdom print. It offers neutral colors that work well with his nursery and our living room (the two places you can usually find the small swing our home). With the swing being very lightweight, we can easily move it about the house, depending on where we are. It folds up quickly and easily for travel too.

When Dawson is in it, we can choose from six different speeds for the swing — and we usually keep it on the highest setting. There is also the option of music, with two levels of volume for the six different melodies. We usually set it to the lower volume setting, which is still loud enough for him to hear the music well.

Comfort & Harmony Swing Controls

The noise of the swing itself is pretty much nonexistent — it’s so quiet that we usually don’t realize when the time is up and the swing has stopped.

The timer is also a handy feature, so the batteries aren’t drained while the baby is using his swing. The timer can be set to three different time intervals: 15, 30, and 45 minutes.¬†At 3 months, Dawson is just starting to show interest in the toy bar. I think it’s a nice feature for babies that are swinging but aren’t interested in going to sleep. It’s something to keep them entertained as they sway.

The Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing in Cozy Kingdom can be purchased at Buy Buy Baby!


  1. says

    It is funny how all babies are so different, some love the swing and some can live wo it! The child I watch.. must have the swing on at all time and if the battery dies or if the swing stops, he wakes up…

  2. says

    We had a portable swing when my daughter was an infant and it was a god send! I took it with me to relatives houses and she would nap in it. Loved it!

  3. says

    Thanks for your review – I was particularly impressed with the adjustable head support (not all swings have this option) and the six different speeds AND melodies. I also love that it has a timer on it to conserve the batteries. Swings seems to use up so many batteries!

  4. Amber says

    I just ordered this for my 2 week old. Thanks for the review! I was interested in finding out about assembly and I’m glad to know that it’s easy. Cute baby, by the way. Congrats! :)

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