TN Things to Do: Creative Discovery Museum, Chattanooga

I received complementary passes to Creative Discovery Museum to facilitate this post.

I love taking Sawyer to local places where he can have fun and learn all at the same time. The Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee is definitely one of these places! We visited over the weekend, and spent three hours of our Saturday there. The kiddo really enjoyed himself and I can see more visits for our family in the future.

Creative Discovery Museum


Creative Discovery Museum, Chattanooga, TN

Once you arrive at the Creative Discovery Museum, you will see the Riverplay exhibit. This section is all about water! There are boats to play with, waterfalls to create, and even a boat to board! There are signs throughout the exhibit telling about water, force, and more. Sawyer really liked this area, and I love that they provide smocks so the kids don’t get soaked!

Riverplay at Creative Discovery Museum

The Little Yellow House was another exhibit Sawyer liked. The area is dedicated to children from newborn to 4 years old, making it perfect for our 2 1/2 year old. Sawyer headed straight to the train set the moment we entered the gate. The baby section was filled with soft toys perfect for little ones. There was also a fully equipped kitchen, pretend flower garden with shovels, rakes, and watering cans, and a read with me area.

The Little Yellow House at Creative Discovery Museum

Though he liked many areas of the Creative Discovery Museum, the Excavation Station was definitely his favorite! He got to strip off his shoes and socks and get first hand experience in digging for dinosaur bones. He loved the section and we spent about 30 minutes with him in the sand. There are also huge dinosaurs in the exhibit!

Dinosaur Excavation at Creative Discovery Museum

Sawyer noticed the Rooftop Fun Factory from the parking lot and couldn’t wait to go up to the ‘playground’ from the time we walked into the museum. We finally ventured up and he immediately wanted to swing. Little did he know it was all based on a pulley system! He was strong enough to pull the rope and bring himself about a foot in the air before Daddy gave him a boost. The two of them also played a huge game of chess and with some type of lever device.

Rooftop at Creative Discovery MuseumThere is an additional exhibit at the Creative Discovery Museum until May called “Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice”. This is a special exhibit that was put together by the Minnesota Children’s Museum. It allows visitors to explore a time when the dinosaurs ruled the earth. Sawyer liked the Bog Walk. For older kids, there is a Fossil Find and a Create a Prehistoric Ecosystem table.

Dinosaurs Land of Fire and Ice
We finished up our trip to the Creative Discovery Museum with lunch at Cafe Dino-Mite and a walk through the Museum Shop. The cafe makes good grilled cheese sandwiches, and my son loved the M&M cookie too.

Cafe Dino-mite

If you would like to take your family to the Creative Discovery Museum, they are open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Their current (Spring) hours are 10am-5pm, Monday-Saturday and noon-5pm on Sunday. Find more visitor’s info at!