Dear Sawyer – Month 29

Dear Sawyer,

Wow, where should I begin? I haven’t written a letter since October! I blame it on the hustle and bustle of Christmas, our mini vacation, the new year, and Valentine’s Day. All of that has kept the three of us quite busy!

Christmas was a hoot with you this year. You are starting to understand the meaning of Santa, and you knew he’d be bringing you lots of presents on Christmas morning. You assumed every wrapped gift was a “Thomas” though. You are quite the Thomas and Friends fan these days – though you still have your faithful Mickey by your side every night.

Speaking of nights, you are doing so well at going “night night” now! Since we moved you out of your crib and into your big boy bed, which happened the second weekend in January, you have been going to bed without much of a fuss! The first night in it was pretty memorable too…you had what we assume was a 24-hour stomach bug which began at 3am that morning. Not fun!

You have developed quite the independence bone. I honestly think your favorite word is “NO!” It is rarely spoken, but rather yelled by you in a stern tone. This is one reason that time outs were implemented since my last letter to you. You do not like them, however, and usually behave once you are allowed to get up. Though you are stubborn, you also have a lovey side and still love to give “kisses and hugs!”

There’s not much of a filter on what you say these days, and we never know what’s going to come out of your mouth. You say the funniest things! This week, you were given a “bunge”(sponge) by Aunt Dah-weena (Darlena) and it’s the greatest thing ever. You have told us all about how you are going to wash your Cozy Coupe with it. :)

Gosh, I feel like you’ve grown so much in the past four months that I could write 1000 more words. Maybe I should save some for next month. Though at this rate, I’ll probably have a ton to talk about between now and then!