Dear Sawyer: Month 40

Dear Sawyer,

Sawyer month 40This is your first month as a big brother! You love the new role you’ve been given — most of the time. While feeding or changing diapers isn’t your thing, you love acting crazy to get Baby D’s attention. You also don’t mind grabbing his paci for him whenever he loses it and starts to get fussy. I cannot wait to see how you two interact as he gets older and can do more things with you.

Since your brother has arrived, you’ve become somewhat more independent. You can almost completely undress yourself, though you still want help getting your outfits on. Shoes come on and off easily for you now, since they are velcro. Daddy’s been teaching you how to bathe yourself, and you’ve got the body washing down. Just need to learn how to wash your own hair and you will be good!

You are still very picky when it comes to foods, but luckily you’ve been eating better since you had the flu last month – yes, the week after Christmas! That was definitely a challenge, especially with Baby Dawson new in the house. But we all pulled through and you are 100% healthy again. Speaking of healthy, at your appointment on December 29, you weighed 38 lbs and was 41 inches tall. Growing boy!

You’ve become quite the comedian these days. You love to tell very tall tales, and we cannot help but laugh. Then you like to tell funny jokes and the way you laugh the second you are done talking just makes me smile. You can definitely pull me out of a bad moo when you want to.

It’s apparent that you are so much like me. You are quite stubborn and set in your ways. You have developed a bad habit of telling us no, and it’s landed you in “time out” a few days every day. Then when you are in time out, you sound like a broken record, repeatedly begging us to get up. I know I’m just paying for my raising, as I was just as spoiled and disobedient as you were when I was little. Poor Daddy, the good child, is having to suffer through it too!

Your favorite TV show at the moment is Caillou, and that whiny child gets on my nerves! I secretly wonder if you like because I beg you to watch something else every day. We watched Madagascar this weekend and you loved it, so I’d say that’s your favorite movie at the moment.

Even though there are times when we clash, you can melt my heart better than anyone else I know. You constantly tell me you love me throughout the day, requesting hugs and kisses. I try to stop everything I am doing in that moment, because I know the affection won’t last forever. You will always be my sweet boy though!