Dipped & Drizzled Strawberries – Great for Weddings & Baby Showers!

Chocolate covered strawberries are so yummy and make the perfect finger food for weddings, baby showers, and more. My mom and I recently put our own spin on this tasty treat for my baby shower. Using candy melts, we created strawberries that worked perfectly with the baby blue theme we were working with. The best part is, the strawberries do not take many ingredients and they are fairly easy to make!

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Dipped & Drizzled Strawberries

Dipped & Drizzled Covered Strawberries


  • Strawberries (Enough to serve your guests, we used 5 dozen)
  • White Candy Melts
  • Baby Blue Candy Melts (or the color of your choice)
  • Wax Paper
  • 2 Pans or Trays’
  • Flip-top storage bags

1. Wash all of the strawberries thoroughly. Take care to leave the leaves at the top intact – they were be useful for the dipping.

2. Allow the strawberries to dry or hand dry them with paper towels.

3. Melt the white candy melts according to the package in a microwave-safe bowl. Most require you to stir them every 30 seconds to prevent becoming scorched.

4. Holding it by the leaves, dip each strawberry into the melted white candy until it is fully coated. Pull from the melted candy and allow to drip for 1-2 seconds. Place on wax paper lined tray to dry.

5. Refrigerate the strawberries once the tray is full. This will speed up the drying process.

6. Melt the baby blue candy melts according to the package. Scoop the melted candy into a flip-top storage bag. Snip off the bottom corner of the bag to create a handy drizzling tool.

7. Drizzle the melted blue candy across the strawberries in any design you choose. Place strawberries back in the fridge to allow the candy to dry and to keep them cool until they are ready to be served.

These dripped & drizzled strawberries are very versitale, especially when it comes to colors. You can purchase different candy melts depending on the theme you want them to coordinate with.