Change the Way the World Sees the Armpit with Dove Deodorant

This is a sponsored post with Dove and Global Influence. I love using Dove products, and opinions are 100% mine.

Now that I am a mom, shaving has become so much of a chore for me! Sometimes, the only “ME” time I get is the 15 minutes of a nice, hot shower. I don’t want to spend most of it with a razor to various parts of my body. Not to mention, sometimes what I shave my underarms dry out – not a comfortable feeling! I might as well leave the hair there, if I’m going to be all itchy and irritated with it gone!

However, with the warmer weather approaching, I have no choice but to shave all that unwanted hair away on my underarms as well as my legs. Luckily, there is a way to keep the sensitive skin of my armpits happy and free of discomfort.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Dove® Deodorant Cares for the Sensitivity of your Armpit

This year join Dove® Deodorant in changing the way we care for our armpits. Shaving is a harsh but necessary part of beauty routines. To fix the damage done by a razor and restore beauty and comfort to our bodies, simply use Dove® Deodorant NutriumMositure after shaving to heal and protect sensitive skin.

Dove® NutriumMoisture repairs and nourishes sensitive underarm skin while offering 48-hour protection – that’s a powerful deodorant! It is available in three different varieties, depending on your needs and scent preferences.

I just began using this Dove deodorant, and I love how soft and moisturized it makes my underarms feel. There has been very little irritation since I began applying it every morning. I feel that once I’ve used it a little longer, the discomfort will go away completely.