Duracell Quantum Batteries: A Parent’s Wish Come True!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

With children come the need for lots and lots of batteries. Most toys and gear for these little people do not have cords that could become tangled around babies or tripped over, so it seems that batteries are on our shopping list almost every week. Since we are expecting our second child next month, I’m think we should consider buying stock in a powerful battery company such as Duracell!

Sawyer's LeapPad

Just looking at the things that already use batteries combined with the new baby items that we will be using full force come December, it’s important that we have batteries that will last a while. Just take a look at the things we need power to operate:

LeapPad: This thing goes on every car trip with us, plus he enjoys playing it at home – lots of use means more batteries!
Vibrating/Musical Bassinet: Sawyer loved the gentle vibrations and melodies of his bassinet, and we assume baby #2 will like it too!
WiiMotes: Sawyer got his first Wii game for his birthday in September, and there has been a lot of playing on it. Not to mention the amount of game play my husband does once the kiddo is in bed.
Kid Camera: Sawyer is really into photography so he’s constantly carrying around his battery-operated camera.


Duracell Quantum

This is a VERY short list of the things we use batteries for in our home. Thankfully, Duracell understands a parent’s need for high-quality, long-lasting batteries. They have released a new line, Duracell Quantum, which is the most advanced product of its kind. No alkaline battery lasts longer, and they are easy to spot in stores due to their signature red color!

Why are the new Duracell batteries so great? For one, they show you how much juice they have left, so no battery is wasted. They can also be stored for up to 10 years and will still offer the same amount of power they would have had you bought and used them immediately. This means we can stock up and be set for several years.

Duracell Quantum Heroes

Along with offering these batteries to consumers, Duracell has donated one million batteries to first responders across the country to help them power their life-saving equipment. The brand has also created Quantum Heroes, a documentary style video series that shines a spotlight on the incredible work of first responders and their stories of sacrifice and heroism – be sure to check out the video below as well as the rest in the series.

Have you tried the new Duracell Quantum batteries? What types of items does your family need batteries to power?