Ever Been “In a Pikle”?

I am the mom that tries to be prepared for any situation – emphasis on tries because no matter what I think I will need, I usually ended up needing something I don’t have. With two kids, it’s important to be ready for fix any issue. Because of this, I was happy to review In a Pikle.

In A Pikle Bag & Essentials Kit Review

When I first heard the company’s name, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Once I realized what they sold, however, it made perfect sense! They understand that life can throw you curveballs, and their bags help you “DILL with it”. They offer a range of styles for their pikles, along with different kits for filling them. With a Pikle, you should be prepared for almost any situation you may experience on the go.

Being a mom, I was happy when Rebecca Conklin, an independent “Pikle Professional”, wanted me to review their products. I chose the Gherkin Back Pak Pikle because it would match with Dawson’s diaper bag. Because that’s the bag I carry most, I need to have a Pikle that will match! I also received the Essentials Kit so I would have everything I needed inside the bag. This pikle is a great option for men and women due to its style and color choices.

Inside of the In a Pikle Bag

Putting the Pikle together only takes a few minutes. There are instructions, but you are free to pack the items inside anyway you wish. The starter kit comes with commonly-needed items such as a pen and paper, tissues, stain remover, hand sanitizer, and more. The durable plastic bags that fit inside the Pikle hold everything perfectly. There is also room for you to add your own necessities, like gum, pills, cash, or medications.

Once my Gherkin Pikle was assembled, it easily closed shut with a strong closure. The bag’s exterior can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth – but be sure not to machine wash or dry it. Because of the contents, it’s also important that you keep the Pikle out of reach of children. I store mine in the bottom of the diaper bag so my older son cannot find it. It’s also small enough to fit in your purse, backpack, suitcase, or the glove compartment of your car!

In a Pikle Gherkin Back Pak

To order your own In a Pikle bag or find out more, visit Rebecca’s page!