How to Make your Family’s Clothing Last Longer

These days, clothing can be take a huge bite our of your family’s budget. Because of this, you want to make sure you take care of the clothes you purchase so they will last longer.

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P&G recently sent me some products to test out on our family’s laundry, and they have asked me to share some of my “go-to” tips and tricks we use to keep our families clothing looks newer and lasting longer.

How to Make Your Family’s Clothing Last Longer

1. Have designated “play clothes” for the kids.

I remember this trick from my mom when growing up. We had our nice school/going out clothes, and then we had those outfits that were made for playing in. If something got horribly stained or torn and couldn’t be fixed, it went to the “play clothes” section of the closet. If Mama found you wearing your nice clothes outside, you’d be in big trouble – but now I know why!

2. Separate your laundry as soon as it’s dirty.

This one prevents you from washing that red sock in with the whites, thus possibly ruining a TON of your family’s clothing. We keep separate baskets in our closet, one for white clothing, and one for colors. Towels get their own basket in the linen closet to prevent an outbreak of link all over our clothes.

3. Treat stains the moment they happen.

Leaving ketchup, grease, and other horrible staining agent on your clothes longer than necessary is just asking for disaster. I keep a stain removing pen handy (in my bag) and we have spray stain remover in the laundry room, waiting for my kids to spill something or take a tumble in the dirt and grass.

4. Use the right laundry care products.

When it comes to cleaning your laundry, not all products are created equal. Gain Flings, for example, have 50% more scent, an oxi boost and the freshness of Febreze. This means longer-lasting, cleaning clothes for your family. Tide Simply Clean & Fresh is another option, with superior odor removal and cleaning.

The Tide Plus Collection offers two-in-one action against your dirty laundry, depending on the variety you select. I personally enjoy using Tide + A Touch of Downy as well as Tide + Bleach Alternative. They both do a great job on my family’s dirty laundry!


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  1. Susan Broughton says

    Make sure to pre-treat your stains as soon as they happen to prevent them setting into the fabric

  2. Desiree H says

    I like to use cold water to wash everything to avoid colors from fading and to save money on the gas heating bill.

  3. Pamela j says

    Don’t let the laundry pile up- you’ll create problems that won’t be so easy to solve. i.e. Mildew.

  4. joni says

    Keep separate baskets for the different colors and such. Makes for saving time not having to always separate clothing.

  5. Deb C says

    Don’t “overwash” your clothes. Choose the shortest cycle that is adequate and your clothes won’t wear out so quickly.

  6. Kathleen says

    I goofed on the easy entry of the email address lol. I hit enter too soon – the email should be kport207 at gmail dot com


  7. robyn donnelly says

    The best laundry tip my mom taught me was soak your clothes if they had any kind of stain in them and put some soap with them to soak. Rub a little soap directly on clothes before putting in washing machine and then redo it again if necessary.

  8. Karen Drake says

    I use Ivory bar soap to pre treat stains, just wet the area and scrub with the bar of soap until the stain is gone.

  9. Laurie Emerson says

    My best laundry tip is to take about a tsp of vinegar and mix it with a bowl full of water. Use it to clean the inside of the washer after every load and you never have to worry about any washer odor.

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