Making the Switch to Help Others

For my second post in the ShePromotes May Post Project, I was assigned to Views from the Ville. I pulled up her website and was immediately attracted to post about making changes to your current eating in order to free up money to donate food to the hungry. I thought this was a great idea!

It started making me think about what we could give up in order to help others in our community. There are foods that we like to eat, but don’t necessary need them. We don’t eat too much that we shouldn’t, but there are a few that we have as luxuries, but if we were to forego them, we would be able to use that money to help others.

My immediate thought was ice cream. Seriously, this is my downfall. I’d much rather choose ice cream over chips, cake, etc. Even when I am dieting, I sometimes pick up a low-fat variety of ice cream sandwiches or cones. Still, it is something I do not need, and the almost $3 per week could really benefit a family in need.

Also, purchasing foods to make homemade meals are another way we could save money to donate. It may seem that a pre-packaged meal or frozen dinner will save time and money, but the latter usually isn’t the case. Plus, we tend to make meals that serve 4, so there is always a little leftover for lunch the following day – which only adds to the money saving.

What could you give up in order to save money for a family in need?