Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie-Rella on DVD February 11!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Don’t Miss The Latest Full-Length Adventure from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Inspired by the Cinderella Fairy Tale


Available To Own on Disney DVD on February 11 
Premieres on Disney Channel and Disney Junior on February 14

Minnie-Rella on DVD February 11


Our pals need to get Minnie a surprise present, so they keep her busy with plenty of chores to do at the Clubhouse. Tired from so much work, Minnie falls asleep and dreams that she is MINNIE-RELLA! Inspired by the fairy tale of Cinderella, the story of Minnie-rella sparkles with music and fun as we recognize our favorite Clubhouse characters in familiar roles.

Poor Minnie-rella needs a lot of help to get ready for Prince Mickey’s Grand Ball! With a wave of her wand and some “Mouseke-doodle-lee-doo” magic, Minnie-rella’s Fairy Godmother, Clarabelle, transforms an ordinary tomato into a magnificent carriage and Minnie-rella’s raggedy dress into a beautiful gown that is perfect for a princess. But Minnie-rella’s enchanted dance with Prince Mickey at the ball must end when the spell is broken at midnight. With our help, Prince Mickey finds the princess who fits into her lost glass slipper – Princess Minnie-rella!

Our Review:
Based on the classic story, Cinderella, Minnie-rella is a very cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode. My son loves both Mickey & Minnie, and it’s nice to see the emphasis on someone other than Mickey for a change. Sawyer loved seeing the characters playing other characters when Minnie is dreaming she is Cinderella. He also had fun playing with the Pop-Up Castle included within the DVD box!

Minnie-Rella Pop-Up Play Set

Activity Sheets

Download these Minnie-rella activity sheets for your kiddos to enjoy! (Click Image to Download Zip File)

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