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Though I have a very picky child, milk has not been a struggle. Sawyer has enjoyed drinking milk with breakfast and at snack time since we made the switch after his first birthday. With his refusal to eat most fruits and veggies, I take comfort knowing that he’s getting something good out of the milk he drinks each day.

MilkSplash Review

Still, I am sure plain white milk can get a little boring. I admit I don’t drink it much (usually just with cereal), but even I can guess the taste can get old day after day. Though my son never complains, we do allow him to have chocolate milk as a special treat every now and then.

Recently, I was sent a couple of MilkSplash flavors to try out with our milk consumption. They offer several flavors, so we can spice up our morning drink with  more than just chocolate! We received Cookies & Cream and Orange Dream Cream (think Dreamsicle!) to add something new to our milk. Both have become a hit in this house, though I think Sawyer and I are a little partial to the Cookies & Cream. What can I say, we DO love chocolate!

MilkSplash Cookies N Cream Taste Test

I think my husband prefers the Orange flavor.

To use MilkSplash, simply add one squirt to 8 ounces of milk. Be careful not to add too much or the flavor can be a little overbearing. We found this out the first time we used it — it was still drinkable so no milk was wasted for our review! I plan to use it for our ice cream and milkshakes that we like to make at home during the warm summer months.

If you aren’t a fan of artificial sweeteners, know that MilkSplash is working on a natural alternative.

MilkSplash Orange Dream Cream Taste Test

The container holds 24 servings of flavor, and perhaps my favorite feature: it’s a zero calorie milk flavoring! The bottles are super easy to take with you, so you can flavor milk cartons and more on the go. You can pick up MilkSplash at Target, and they will be hitting Walmart’s shelves soon too!


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