New Baby Must Haves: Naturepedic Crib Mattress

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New Baby Must Haves

This post is part of a new series I am doing this month called New Baby Must Haves. In this series, you will find reviews for products that I feel you really need if you have a new little one on the way!

As a family, we have been taking small steps to living a greener, cleaner life. With two children, we have learned the importance of using safe products in the home, especially where they are concerned.

A durable, safe, and clean crib mattress is definitely a new baby must have, and we are excited to feature the Naturepedic Lightweight Classic Baby & Toddler Mattress.

Naturepedic Organic Baby/Toddler Mattress

Upon removing the mattress from the box, I noted how lightweight it was. It was advertised as having this feature on Naturepedic’s website, but I didn’t realize a mattress could weigh so little! It was easy to pull from the box, place in the bed, and put on the bedding once we were ready. It was packaged in a sealed bag so there was no worry of damage to the mattress…

And the plastic covering meant Big Brother had to help!

Naturepedic Mattress

The Naturepedic Lightweight Classic 2-Stage Mattress is Certified Organic. The company only uses U.S. grown and certified organic cotton, which I like because so many of the items we buy these days are made overseas and then shipped here. I like to support US business when possible. The outer layer is made of a quality non-toxic and stain resistant material, meaning the mattress is very easy to clean and will not hold a smell due to diaper leaks or baby spit up.

Providing a two-stage use, the crib mattress can be flipped once your baby is old enough for the softer toddler side. The infant side is firmer, keeping the baby’s safety in mind, while the toddler side provides more comfort as your baby grows. I like the handy tag at the top of the mattress that shows you which side to use!

Two-Stage Crib Mattress

Once we had the Naturepedic mattress out of the plastic, we decided to check out the fit inside the baby’s crib. It was a perfect fit! It is snug against the corners, preventing our little one from getting lodged between it and the rails. It will also work with a toddler bed, so we may invest in one this time around just to be able to use this mattress longer. I honestly am jealous of my newborn, as his bed is more comfy than mine!

Naturepedic Mattress in CribVisit NaturePedic to learn more about this crib mattress and other products offered by the company.