New Angelina Ballerina & Barney DVDs Released January 21!

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Check out a couple new DVDs Sawyer and I have recently reviewed. They are both available on DVD, Digital HD and Video on Demand from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment as of January 21, 2014!


Angelina Ballerina On With the Show

The stage is set for big performances and lots of fun! When Ms. Mimi loses her voice, her class finds ways to communicate through music. After a musical mishap, AZ doesn’t miss a beat and discovers another way to keep tempo. Gracie learns an important lesson about finding inspiration and Angelina and Polly set the stage for a perfect celebration for their dad. Come along as Angelina and the mouselings let their creativity shine and get on with the show!

Episodes Include:
“Angelina’s Musical Day”
“Angelina and the Bandleader”
“Angelina and Ms. Mimi”
“Angelina’s Kitchen Band”
“Angelina and the Father’s Day Surprise”

Our Review

I wasn’t sure that my son would like a dancing mouse, but he has been loving Angelina Ballerina! I love that the stories on the DVD teach problem solving, working together, and other important character building skills. It’s just a plus when he gets up and dances around the living room just like Angelina does!


Storytime with Barney

Once upon a time, Baby Bop, Ryan and Daniel joined Barney on some storybook adventures! With the help of classic tales, the Dinos and friends learn important lessons like patience, honesty and perseverance. Baby Bop must contain her excitement to understand that good things come to those who wait, Ryan sees that it’s better to be honest and play fair and Daniel discovers that practice makes perfect! Barney shows that stories, imagination and friends can lead to Happily Ever After!

Episodes include:
“Fairy Tales”
“The Emperor’s Contest”
“The Sword in the Sandbox”

Our Review

Another fun Barney DVD that Sawyer wants to watch again and again. I can remember watching Barney with my sister, who is now 23! This dinosaur is definitely a household name here. In this DVD, the lessons taught are something my son can carry on into life. Sawyer could use a little more patience, so hopefully Baby Bop’s story sticks with him!