Coping with the Not-So-Perfect Holiday Season with NickMom #MotherFunny

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You know those beautiful holiday movies, where the family is always getting along? The children play nicely together and they eat everything on their plates? The women have prepared everything for the season, without looking the least bit stressed? There is no semblance of an argument brewing, everyone loves having their photo taken with loved ones…

Please, erase your mind of any idea that the holidays are really like that for any family, especially if you are a mom! I decided long ago that these fantasy families and their amazing gatherings do not exist. I think the movies are just made to tease us of the perfection we can never achieve.

Recently, while browsing (once my husband was home and took over the reigns of the kiddo), I was able to get more real-life (and downright humorous) accounts of the holidays. The images that had me rolling the most are the ones where I could totally relate.

One of the pictures there reminded me of our first Christmas with Sawyer. Just look at this little cutie…

Newborn at the Holidays #MotherFunny #shop

Now, you may think he was all cuddly and nice-smelling at this age. The truth is, he wasn’t so pleasant once he had filled his diaper, especially at the most inopportune times!

Like the time I was trying to make Christmas cookies and they ended up badly burned because, being a new mom, I just HAD to drop what I was doing to pamper his behind. Needless to say, we were late and showed up to our family dinner with store-bought sugar cookies…

Or the time that his great-uncle was holding him and he really stunk up the room. My family, being the inappropriate people that they are, spent the rest of the evening making jokes about his odor, long after I had changed him and the dirty diaper was disposed of!

It’s like the website knew my family inside and out — their Christmas posts are just that realistic and funny. Once I saw this image on NickMom, I couldn’t help but think how much it rings true for our family…any time we want to snap a photo together.

Horrible Holiday Photo from NickMom #shop

Now that the adorable newborn is an active 3 year old, it is almost impossible to get him to look at the camera and smile at the same time. This year, we did my maternity photos and pictures for our Christmas cards in the same session. 184 shots later, and we finally had a few that we could work with. Check out a few of the outtakes…Hopefully by the time he’s 20, he will at least LOOK at the camera!

Holiday Family Photo Outtakes #MotherFunny #shop

Photographs taken at the actual holiday events aren’t any better. My family does one of two things when the camera comes out: 1) Looks away, runs and hides, knocks out the photographer (okay the last one hasn’t really happened, but I know some wish I would), or 2) Act like they have no self-control.

My brother is one of those that wish the camera would break so he didn’t have to suffer through picture taking.

Terrible Family Holiday Photos #MotherFunny #shop

And when you get a group of cousins together at a family dinner, chaos is very likely to ensue. No one can stand, arms by their sides, for a photograph in this family.

Crazy Cousins Photo #MotherFunny  #shop

When the holidays are starting to stress you out, put the kiddos to bed and do a little surfing on Their #MotherFunny posts and pictures will help you recharge so you can deal with the rest of the season.