Nutrisystem Week 12: Setting Goals for the New Year! #NSNation

With the remainder of the year flying by, it seems like I’m writing a Nutrisystem post every other day! This week, I had a family dinner to attend, so I made sure to eat good the rest of the week. I knew I’d want to splurge a little on my family’s home cooking, so I planned accordingly.

I’ve also been thinking about the goals I want to reach in 2013. New Year’s is a time when many people set resolutions and goals, and it’s a good time to do so.

Starting a new year is a chance to start fresh with weight loss or anything else. I am still hoping to reach my end of the year goal so that I can start 2013 right where I want to…only 4 pounds to go!

I feel that I can reach my ultimate goal weight by September 20, my son’s third birthday. I have 64 pounds to lose, but I feel that it is do-able in just over 9 months time. I have also set shorter goals so that I can make sure I stay on track. I set these around other occasions, such as my birthday.

Setting both long term and short term goals is important when losing weight. Looking at the long term goal – 64 pounds – looks VERY intimidating right now. However, if I say I’m going to lose 20 pounds by March, 20 by June, and the final 24 by September 20, it sounds a little easier to complete!

Okay, onto this week’s weigh-in. I was able to lose the weight I gained last week (o.6 pounds), so I am back to where I was two weeks ago!

Week 1 = -3.0
Week 2 = -1.2
Week 3 = -1.0
Week 4 = -1.4
Week 5 = -0.0
Week 6 = -2.4
Week 7 = +0.6
Week 8 = -3.6
5-week hiatus due to gallbladder removal
Week 9 = -3.6
Week 10 = -2.0
Week 11 = +0.6
Week 12 = -0.6
Total Loss = -17.6

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  1. Angela says

    You’re doing so great! I’ve given up on losing weight during the holiday season, but am starting to think about a strategy for the new year.