Nutrisystem Week 16: The Good and The Bad #NSNation

This week of my Nutrisystem journey, I made a new discovery. Vacation is MUCH harder than the holidays when it comes to staying on track with your weight loss efforts. So many restaurants, many of them new and that we hadn’t tried before. I took plenty of my foods with me, yet we always had the urge to eat out…and when I did, I usually didn’t make the best decisions. :(

I allowed myself a little leeway at times, knowing that I would make up for it by eating Nutrisystem foods the rest of the day. That didn’t always work out either. Though I’ve been losing the past few months, I think I let my drive to succeed down quite a bit while enjoying our vacation. I haven’t decided if that was a good thing (possibly good, because I allowed myself to relax — or bad, because it affected my previous weight loss). Maybe a little of both?

Posts like these are always hard for me to write. I don’t like having to share my failure with the world! BUT, I know that it helps me to reflect on the past week and what I did (or didn’t do or should have done). It allows me to air out my mistakes and errors in judgement, so that I can go into the next week with a fresh start.

I’ve already begun the new start today, by eating Nutrisystem’s French Toast with just a hint of sugar-free syrup on top.

My Measurements

With the bad out of the ways, I do have some exciting news to share this week! Last weekend, just before we left on our trip, I took my measurements…something I apparently hadn’t done since October! There has been a loss in every area of my body!! Since August (when I began using Nutrisystem), I have lost…

2.75 inches in my arm
3.25 inches in my bust
4 inches in my waist
2.5 inches in my hips
2 inches in my thighs

So, even with my minor setbacks on the scale, I am still doing great! My clothing is fitting a little better, and I’ve been able to drag out a tote box of winter clothes that I hadn’t worn since before I became pregnant with my son. Most of the clothes in the box fit so I have more options in the closet now.

My Weight Loss

Here is where my weight loss currently stands…I gained 2 pounds this week, bringing me to 16 pounds lost in 16 weeks. I really wanted my loss to stay ahead of the number of weeks, so that I averaged more than a 1 pound loss each week. I’m thinking this next week, when I’m home all week and dedicated completely to Nutrisystem (no restaurants or family dinners to deter my progress!), I will see some of those 3 pounds I’ve gained in the past two weeks come back off…that’s the goal, anyway!

Week 1 = -3.0
Week 2 = -1.2
Week 3 = -1.0
Week 4 = -1.4
Week 5 = -0.0
Week 6 = -2.4
Week 7 = +0.6
Week 8 = -3.6
5-week hiatus due to gallbladder removal
Week 9 = -3.6
Week 10 = -2.0
Week 11 = +0.6
Week 12 = -0.6
Week 13 = -0.0
Week 14 = -1.4
Week 15 = +1.0
Week 16 = +2.0
Total Loss = -16.0

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Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me with a complimentary Women’s SUCCESS Select Program membership in exchange for blogging about my honest, unbiased reviews and progress while on the program. All opinions are 100% mine and are not swayed by outside sources.