Think “Outside the Box” with Children’s Museum of Atlanta

We were recently invited to check out the newest exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. We decided to make it a  “Mommy, Daddy, Sawyer” day. It’s been a while since just the three of us went out (Baby D is usually present too), so it was fun to get out and let him be the main focus of our day.

This was our first time to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, so we got to see their latest exhibit “Outside the Box” as well as take in the rest of the museum!

Outside the Box Exhibit at Childrens Museum of Atlanta

About “Outside the Box”

Thinking outside the box has never been so fun! This feature exhibit taps into the imaginative minds of children to encourage “outside of the box” thought, innovation and exploration. Through highly engaging props, activities and lots of interactive fun, children can discover the building blocks of math, engineering and technology.

Visitors will use giant and small cardboard boxes, tubes and cylinders to explore creative play and building as they use their imaginations to create castles, bridges, small towns, huge cities and more. Children can also experiment at the rotating “Maker’s Space” and turn their dream inventions into realities. They can design a super-powered paper airplane or even make a robot that walks – the sky is the limit!

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta will host “Outside the Box” until December 31, 2014!

The boxes of all sizes was a lot of fun to build and pretend with — I got in on the action with Daddy and Sawyer, so there isn’t a lot of pictures here. There was also a show centered around the exhibit, but Sawyer didn’t want to sit still for that!< Outside the Box Show

Along with his box building, Sawyer had a blast pretending to shop for and purchase food in the Fundamentally Food section of the Children’s Museum. He learned where milk comes from in that area as well as got to drive a John Deere tractor!

Fundamentally Food at Childrens Museum of Atlanta

When asked what his favorite part of the Children’s Museum of Atlanta was, he first said building with boxes. I think he really liked the “Outside the Box” exhibit! Later, he also said his favorite part was the trains. They have section of train tables, and even though he has several trains and track sets at home, he still spend almost 30 minutes “choo choo”ing!

Childrens Museum of Atlanta Trains

Have you ever been in to The Children’s Museum of Atlanta?


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    I LOVE visiting Children’s Museums and seeing what each place does differently than the rest. The one in Atlanta looks awesome, love the Thinking outside the box concept!

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    That box exhibit is brilliant! My boys always beg to play with the boxes when I get packages in the mail, they could have fun for hours at this museum.

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    oh, I love children’s museums! they are so fun – I get a kick out of watching my little ones explore and imagine! It looks like you’ve got a good one there.

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    I have not visited Atlanta yet but my girls love the Science Museum here in Los Angeles and there’s a great children’s museum called kids space which is fabulous. My 7 year old was just talking about a great exhibit they have at the Science Museum where the kids can ride a bike on a wire suspended high up in the air. I really like the outside of the box exhibit you shared. I’d love to see something like that here in LA.

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    I haven’t been to the Atlanta one but we have a few pretty fun childrens museums here. I love the boxes that they are able to play with there. My kids have some of the funnest time with boxes.

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    That looks like so much fun! We aren’t in the area, but there are some places here with train tables and they are always a favorite. Love the box exhibit- so cool!

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