5 Top Tailgating Essentials from Sam’s Club

Top Tailgating Essentials from Sam's Club #SamsClubTailgating

Many thanks to Sam’s Club for sponsoring today’s story and getting me ready for tailgating.  Football season is upon us, which mean it's time to start planning the tailgating parties! No matter if you will be enjoying the game at home or celebrating at the stadium, it's important that you have all the essentials. And you don't want them to cost an arm and a leg either. Sam's Club understands your … [Read more...]

Today is National PLAY-DOH Day!

NPDD Ferris Bueller's Day Off

National PLAY-DOH Day is an annual celebration of creatable, colorful, makeable fun celebrated on September 16th! The day was created by Hasbro to honor the childhood staple that continues to captivate the imaginations of millions of children - and artists of all ages - across the globe. Open a can of PLAY-DOH compound and be inspired to squish, mold, roll, cut, extrude, or create a favorite … [Read more...]

Homemade Sugar Plum Play Dough

Sugar Plum Scented Play Dough

It's almost time for Christmas crafts for kids! I cannot believe this year has flown by so quickly...but we are into birthday (September and December) and holiday season around here. My oldest has really been digging play dough lately, so I was thinking - how cool would scented play dough be! Sugar Plum Play Dough is easy to make, and it will have your kids thinking about Santa's arrival. Read … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion for Kids & Easy Shopping for Moms with FabKids

FabKids Review

Even though my boys aren't in school yet, I always like to browse the internet for fall fashion for kids. They are home with me most days, but they still need some nice outfits for holidays and other events. FabKids knows that all kids need to look stylish, and they offer full outfit choices to make shopping easier for moms! No more stressing while holding up top after top, trying to pair … [Read more...]

Six Tips to More Family Time on Busy Weekday Mornings

More Family Time on Busy Mornings

When families are getting themselves and everything else ready for school or work, the mornings can easily become hectic. It may seem like the only moment you see your family on busy mornings is when they are flying out the door. Fortunately, there are ways you can combat the craziness and have more family time, even on busy mornings! 1. Do as much as possible the night before. Make … [Read more...]

30 DIY Fall Decor Ideas

30 Fall Decor Ideas

These days, DIY fall decor ideas are very popular. Many crafty people can create elegant pieces for a fraction of the cost of buying from home decor stores. Plus, by making it yourself, you can put your own preferences into the decor you set up through your house! With the internet at our fingertips, finding the right DIY fall decor can be difficult. I have put together a list of 30 ideas from … [Read more...]

4 Common Questions New Parents Ask

Common Questions New Parents Ask

Thanks to the world wide web, more and more new parents are getting information about their babies online. Nutrition and feeding are two very popular areas where moms and dads have questions. I know these two topics stumped James and I quite a bit when Sawyer was new...and again when Dawson came along! This post is compensated as part of the Similac StrongMoms Ambassador Program. All … [Read more...]