Playskool Toys for Babies

With two kids, our house has quickly become filled with toys. Sawyer has accumulated a ton in his almost 4 years of life, and Baby D had a basket full a week after he was born (he came exactly a week before Christmas).

There have been specific brands of toys that we like better than others over time. One brand is Hasbro – and their Playskool line of toys. Sawyer had several and we reccently received 5 in the mail to review for Dawson. We love them for their bright colors and attention to detail. They really capture the attention of our kiddos!

Playskool Toys for Babies

With the stash of Playskool toys in Dawson’s bedroom floor, we weren’t sure what to play with first. They all looked fun! We decided to go for the Busy Ball Popper. It’s the most musical and interactive of the ones we have. You simply drop┬áthe balls into Elefun’s ears and watch them pop out of his trunk.

Dawson hasn’t gotten the hang of it quite yet (it’s for ages 9+ months), but Big Brother was happy to show him how to load the five colorful balls into the elephant.

Playskool Busy Ball Popper for Babies

We also received the Gloworm, which is been part of the Playskool line for 25 years! I can remember my brother and sister each having their own Gloworm (though he’s gotten a style change since then). The stuffed companion features six lullabies, or you can turn them off, depending on your baby’s preference.

Dawson grabbed his Gloworm the minute it was offered to him. He seemed attracted to the toy’s glowing face. You can change this light to sleep mode and it will only light up if your baby hugs the Gloworm.

Playskool Gloworm for Babies

For Sawyer, the best toy is the Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat. It’s recommended for 18 months to 4 years, so he’s able to play with it now. Different sections of the boat can be used for a variety of additional toys, making the bout a 5-in-1 toy for bathtime!

The steamboat’s cabin is a scoop for the water, while the paddle wheel suctions to the side of the bathtub for storage or to play with it outside the water. The hull of the boat floats for bathtime, and the smoke stack is a strainer. Captain Elmo is a water squirter too!

The Shapes N Colors Turtle was also a hit, for both boys. Sawyer knows his colors and shapes, but he still liked naming them off for his little brother. Dawson just like to watch the different sections light up as the turtle announced the color or shape. I love toys that are fun, engaging, and educational – and this one had all three!

Playskool Shapes N Colors Turtle for Babies

The final toy, the Hugs Forever Cookie Monster, is a cute little stuffed animal that can be wrapped around so many things. The arms are made of plastic similar to the slap bracelets of the 90s (anyone else remember those?!). You can attach around your kiddo’s arms or legs, as well as a car seat or stroller. Sawyer is having a blast figuring out where all he can hang Cookie!

Do you kids enjoy Playskool toys? Which ones are your/their favorites?