Pledging “Yes to Less” with Little Remedies

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Little Remedies. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I’m sure you have heard the old saying, “Less is More.” Now that I have become a mom, I am finding that to be very true. My 3 year old son enjoys doing fun activities and events, but I find the more work I put into these things, the more frustrated/overwhelmed we all are. He is just as happy going to the park (free) than he is going to an indoor bounce house ($$) or some other extravagant thing.

Because my son loves life no matter how much effort I put into things, I am going to start living by the Little Remedies “Say Yes to Less” mantra. No more stressing over planning events that I feel need to be grand and colorful when he would be just as content with a simpler approach. This also works with areas of our family, not just entertainment.

Take distractions, for example. I am horrible when it comes to telling my son, “One moment, Mommy needs to check her email” or “Just a second, baby, I’m checking my Facebook…” It’s become worse as technology advances, and since he is only young once, I need to put down the technology and focus my undivided attention on him (and soon his little brother) more often.

So, here is my Little Remedies pledge to less distractions!

When it comes to medications, cleaning products, and other items, we have been saying yes to less since our son was born. I have become more aware of what we are giving him or putting in our home surrounding him. Little Remedies is focused on all-natural ingredients, which I love when my kiddo is sick and needs something to help give his immune system a boost.

I encourage you to take the pledge as well. For each pledge that is taken, Little Remedies is donating $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This wonderful organization makes it possible for children to have their biggest wishes fulfilled!

Could you say less to distractions, sugar, waste, or negativity? Take the pledge for yourself and your family!

What are you pledging to say “yes to less” to?



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    Less distractions is so hard. I try to do my best to do everything that I need done before the kids get home so I can focus my attention on them and school work.

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    I actually started doing this after the summer. I used to work on my blog and social media stuff 24/7, but after taking two months off during the summer, I realized how much happier the entire family is when I ignore “work” so to speak! Now I rarely work after 5 pm and on weekends. Less is more when it comes to social media, for sure!

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    YES! This is a practice I’ve had to put in to place since going back to work full time. It is amazing how much more the little things means when you have time to focus on your child. We also love Little Remedies! My son calls the nasal spray Squirtems.

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    I’m with Jenn- it’s so nice when I actually take time off from the computer! And even with the things I plan for my boys- simplicity is better.

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    GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! I have been obsessing about my son’s one year bday party since he was born. We are currently residing in Nashville with no friends and family. I wanted to have the party in Atlanta with family and friends. The cost would have been astronomical. Then it dawned on me. My baby could care less, he won’t remember it and will probably be crying. So I decided to have it at his daycare in Nashville.
    I am also doing less is more with my wedding. We decided on a destination wedding.
    We are also downsizing.
    I decided Less is more is the way to live…Glad to see I am not the only one.

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    What a great idea for a pledge. Hmm… there are probably a lot of things I could pledge yes to less too. I agree… distractions is definitely up there!

    Best of luck getting ready for your new baby! Whoo hoo!

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    Hi Kecia,

    Can I just stop and say that the No Bake Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake was forcing my eyes to look at it and distracting me from reading this article? Can I pledge yes to less of that? Holy cow that looks amazing!…

    Since my youngest two were born I have really cut back on the household cleaning supplies that we use. I have a spray bottle with white vinegar in it and it is used for a LOT of our cleaning! I love that I can use it around them and don’t have to wait until they are away from the area to clean.

    Great pledge! I’m with ya (I’m pledging for more of that cheesecake though, lol)

    Mommy’s Playbook

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    I treasure the time when I’m off the computer and social. It’s so freeing and relaxing, and I try to walk away by 8pm every night at the latest. I usually get up out of my chair and holler, “I’m done!” Nobody’s there listening, mind you, but I don’t care!

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    my hubs is home for another week… he had been gone for almost 2 months. I’ve been trying very hard to focus on quality time with him while I can get it… which is not always easy with a blog and a small business! I’ve been focusing on staying focused when I am online so I can get as much done in a little time as possible!

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    Less distraction is definitely something I need in my life! Distractions (social media, I’m looking at you…) take so much time away from otherwise productive times.