Pool Safety for Kids – Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

Whether your little ones will be playing in a small inflatable kiddie pool or a standard-size swimming pool, pool safety for kids is very important! The depth of the water really doesn’t matter when it comes to the possibility of drowning. There is always a risk if the children aren’t watched properly. Below are a few important pool safety tips to keep in mind if your kids will be enjoying the water this summer.

Pool Safety for Kids

Pool Safety for Kids

Always Keep Your Eyes on the Kids

This is, by far, the most vital rule for pool safety. You should never leave the kids alone in the water, not even for one minute. There should always be an adult supervising kids as they swim at all times. It may be tempting to leave an older child in charge, but it really should be an adult’s place to watch all children in the pool.

For children under five, you should always stay within an arm’s reach of them. It doesn’t take but a second for a little kid to go under water and not know how to come back up, especially when there feet cannot touch the bottom of a deep pool.

Have a Fence Around the Pool

A very high cause of drowning happens when kids wonder outside and fall into a swimming pool without their parents knowing. Pool safety for kids includes being proactive in the prevention of such accidents. Be sure that you have a fence with a lockable gate around the pool. It should be tall enough that the kids cannot climb over, and the lock good enough that a 3-year-old cannot figure it out. A pool cover or alarm is also a good idea to keep little ones away from the water at all times.

Act Fast

If your child has gone missing, always think to check the pool first and get out there immediately. There may be just a few critical seconds between life and death if your child has fallen into the water. If you own a swimming pool, getting certified in CPR isn’t a bad idea either.

Create Pool Rules

Children should have designated jumping/diving areas. This can prevent injury from jumping into a shallow area. Kids that do not yet know how to swim should be directed to stay in the shallow end of the pool. Enforce a rule of no running around or near the pool to further prevent injuries.

After Swimming

Once your children are done swimming, be sure to remove all of the pool toys. If a child gets outside and seeing a floating toy, they may fall into the water trying to retrieve it. Be sure all gates are properly locked before leaving the pool area.

Pool safety for kids is very important, especially in the warm summer months when everyone wants to go swimming. In many cases, planning and pro-active steps can greatly reduce the chances of injury or drowning!

Do you own a pool? Do you have set rules for swimming?