Protecting your Little One from RSV

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Tips to Protect your Baby from RSV

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With a new baby on the way, I am all too aware that we are coming up on cold and flu season. I’ve been working hard to keep myself healthy during the season, as it would not be fun to be sick and pregnant.

Another illness that threatens the life of a tiny baby during this time (November – March) is RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), especially ones that have been born premature. While I do not expect my baby boy to come early, you never know what can happen when nature takes its course.

Since 13 million babies are born prematurely ever year, and more than one million preemies have died just this year from the serious health challenges they face, I will be protecting my child as much as possible. It is important that expecting moms or those with premature babies now learn more about the virus and how to prevent it.

November 17 has been recognized as World Prematurity Day – and it’s plan is to educate all parents about the potential risks associated with preterm births, so parents are prepared to help protect these vulnerable babies.

My brother actually had RSV when he was about 11 months old. Though he wasn’t a preemie and was actually very healthy before contracting the virus, he spent 5 days in the hospital, a couple of those under a croup tent to help him breathe. I can remember my mom giving him breathing treatments, and how miserable he was when he wasn’t feeling well. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a brand new baby contract the virus.

How I Plan to Keep My Baby Safe From RSV This Season

1. Frequent hand washing. I will be washing my hands SO much when my little one arrives. Anyone that wants to come into contact with him will need to do the same.

2. Keeping the baby’s items germ-free is also important. I will be washing clothing after each wear, and bedding at least once a week. Toys will be wiped down regularly with natural cleaning products to keep them safe.

3. Avoiding crowds during RSV season. Since my baby is due mid-December, we plan to skip a lot of the holiday festivities. My husband or mom will still take our three year old to family dinners and other events, but we will monitor him (my older son) for any signs of an incoming illness.

4. Limiting the visitors at the hospital. I know everyone wants to come see a new baby, but I think my child’s health is more important. I will share lots of photographs on Facebook, and will make sure that anyone who does come to visit has not been sick recently.

Learn more about RSV and how it affects your family by viewing the infographic below (Click image for full view)!

Click the infographic for full view.

Click the infographic for full view.