Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Built to Amaze Recap

Over the weekend, Sawyer got some much needed Mommy & Daddy time as we took him to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s “Built to Amaze”! We received complementary tickets in exchange for promotion of the show. The three of us also went to the circus last year, but with a new theme every time they come to Atlanta, we were excited to attend again. The show was amazing and it was definitely worth our drive!

Ringling Bros Built to Amaze Recap

This year, we made it down to Philips Arena in time for the pre-show. The pre-show is included with your ticket, and allows you to meet with the clowns, try on circus wardrobe, and other very fun and exciting activities. When my kiddo saw the large bounce house taking up one side of the arena, he knew exactly what he wanted to do!

Also before the show, we had to stop by one of the many souvenir stands. Sawyer brought some birthday money he had saved, and purchased a glowing lanyard and elephant toy. He was very happy with his purchases, especially his necklace that lit up when the circus was going on.

Ringling Bros Built to Amaze Preshow

Once we got seated, we couldn’t wait for the show to begin. The opening of the circus brought out all of the participants, human and animal. Sawyer was thrilled to see the elephants – that was one of his favorite parts of the show! There were other animals throughout the show as well – ponies, puppies, and tigers!

Ringling Bros Built to Amaze Animals

There were also lots of high-flying, up in the air stunts in the Built to Amaze show. There were tightrope walkers who also enjoyed riding their bikes way up high. Trampoline jumpers also wowed us by doing flips and jumping from a taller wall between the two trampolines. There were some acrobats too!

Built to Amaze Tightrope

All in all, the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey’s “Built to Amaze” is a wonderful show, and I’m glad we took Sawyer. Aside from the animals, he said the girls where his favorite part – but he liked them all so he couldn’t pick just one!

There is one more day (Feb. 17) of the circus at Philips Arena in Atlanta. This show is also one of several that are touring the country so check ticketmaster.com to see if it’s coming near you!