Georgia Things to Do: New & Improved Stone Mountain Lasershow

Last week, my family and I were invited to check out Stone Mountain’s new and improved Lasershow! It was everyone’s (except for my mom’s) first time visiting Stone Mountain so we had no idea what to expect really.

Our Stone Mountain Visit Upon arrival, I realized there are a number of activities you can partake in until it gets dark enough for the lasershow to begin. There’s a 4D ride, train, skylift, indoor play area with a TON of foam balls, and more. Really, you can make a full day of Stone Mountain and have plenty to do!

It was storming on the day we went, so things were closed until the lightning was far enough away for the rides to be safe. We took advantage of the indoor attractions though!

The Great Barn was so much fun that we were in there for close to an hour. Though geared for ages 5-12, my 3 year old had a BLAST in there.

We are definitely planning a visit back so we can check out Geyser Towers (outdoor water area), Summit Skyride, and the Scenic Railroad.

The Great Barn at Stone Mountain Once we had played enough, the bloggers attendance were served a wonderful meal inside Stone Mountain’s Memorial Hall. I highly recommend there barbecue pork — it was delicious! There was also fried chicken, baked beans, and potato salad. Dinner was finished up with a cup of ice cream.

Stone Mountain’s New & Improved Lasershow

After dinner, we still had about an hour to kill, but the attractions were already closed. What’s a 3 year old to do while they wait outside? Run around and play, of course! Stone Mountain’s lawn for the lasershow is gigantic, offering plenty of room for your kids to release some energy while waiting for it to get dark.

When it was closer to time for the 9:30pm Stone Mountain lasershow, we settled into the Georgia Terrace seating to get ready. The VIP pass gave us seats so we didn’t have to sit on the grass. We also got popcorn, drinks, and Dippin’ Dots before the show began.

Stone Mountain Lasershow Spectacular - More Lasers!

Once the lasershow started, all five of us (Baby D included) were mesmerized! I have never seen a lasershow, so I had nothing to compare it to…but still, I believe the Stone Mountain lasershow is likely the best around!! It was 45 minutes of pure entertainment that I would LOVE to see again.

The 3D effects in the show was awesome — at one point, it looked like there were blocks coming out of the mountain! The fact that you could see this without wearing special 3D glasses was cool. And a definite perk for those, like me, who already need regular eyeglasses to see.

Stone Mountain Lasershow — New Music for 2014

The playlist has been updated with 10 new songs for 2014, including:

  • “Happy” Pharrell Williams
  • “Sweet Georgia Brown” Brother Bones
  • “Raise Your Glass” P!nk
  • “Cruise” Florida Georgia Line
  • “Star Ship” Instrumental
  • “The Wind” Zac Brown Band
  • “Home” Phillip Phillips
  • “All of Me” John Legend
  • “Treasure” Bruno Mars
  • “Let It Go” Idina Menzel

Knowing most of these as well as other music that was played, I couldn’t help but sing along while I watched. The final segment of the lasershow was all patriotic, featuring American icons, landmarks, and more. It was absolutely breathtaking, and gave me goosebumps just being in attendance!

Have you been to see the Stone Mountain Lasershow? If not, you definitely should!!