6 Summer Must Haves for Kids

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Summer is almost upon us! After the crazy winter we had here in Georgia, it was nice to see it warming up here, like this past weekend. Warmer weather meant we were out and about – enjoying fun family activities! It felt good to get out of the house, and to do it wearing shorts too!

6 Summer Must Haves for Kids

Since we are on the go more during the summer, I always make sure we have the “must haves” on hand for the kids. Having these things means more enjoyable trips and outings for the kiddos, and more sane days for Mom and Dad! The following are five of the Summer must haves I always make sure we have for our two boys.

1. Books

Sawyer loves to read, and books are a quiet, peaceful way to keep him entertained in the car. These are perfect when the baby is asleep beside him in the backseat.

Reading a Book

2. Extra Outfits

Dawson’s diaper bag always has 1-2 changes of clothes for him, since he’s prone to spitting up and/or diaper mishaps. However, I always make sure we have a shirt and pair of shorts for the 3 year old on-hand. Accidents happen!

3. Sunscreen

You never know when we might make a last minute decision to stop by the park for a few minutes. Having sunscreen on hand makes sure no one is a miserable lobster the day after an outing. Even Mommy benefits from this must have, thanks to my fair skin!

4. First Aid Kit

With two boys, I know that boo boos will happen! Seriously, I’ve been preparing myself for dealing with broken bones, scrapes, and bruises since I found out the gender of each child. If their father’s accident pronefulness (new word!) when he was a kid is any indication, we will be going through quite a bit of bandages. So, I always have the basic essentials for treating boo boos in the car with us.

Wet Nap in Car

5.  Wet-Nap Hand Wipes

These bad boys have saved us on more than one occasion! Impromptu trips to the ice cream shop require something to get my preschooler clean after he’s had his vanilla cone. With Sawyer’s favorite dessert being ice cream, it’s a perfect way to reward him for being good at the store or during his brother’s doctor appointment.

Messy Ice Cream Face

The ice cream is so good, we are usually washing hands, a face, clothes, and a car seat!

6. Sidewalk Chalk

Okay, this may not be a Summer must have for everyone, but Sawyer LOVES to break out the sidewalk chalk whenever he gets the chance. He has a large box of it at home, and a small box of 4 pieces in the car. It’s amazing just how dusty my child can get when drawing with chalk for less than five minutes!

Chalky Hands

Luckily, these Summertime messes are easily eliminated with Wet-Nap! I head to Walmart every month of so to make sure our home and vehicle are stocked with wipes at everyday low prices. You never know when you’ll need 1, 2, or 15  to clean up a mess!! Be sure to use the $0.55 coupon for Wet-Nap wipes (while it lasts) if you decide to start your own stash.

Clean Hands with Wet-Nap

What are your child’s messy Summer moments? Do you keep Wet-Nap Wipes on hand to clean it all up?