HGG 2013: Super Duper Publications

Who said that all toys for Christmas had to be fun and not educational?! We try to choose both in at least 90% of the toys we buy for our son. I love when he can learn without realizing it — though we do “school” with him a few times each week, it’s fun that the skills can be reinforced during play.


Super Duper Publications is a company I have reviewed quite a few products for, and I am happy to include them in my holiday gift guide this year. Their items are great at giving your child an entertaining way to learn!

Take the MagneTalk® Telling Time Magnetic Board Game, for example. Sawyer often mentions what time it is or the time he needs to do something during the day. Since he’s developing an understanding of time, I want to reinforce that in a fun manner. This game gives me that ability. This game features a face clock as well as digital, so both methods of telling time can be presented.

Telling Time Game

I love that every piece that comes with the game – when we are done playing, we simply stick all the game pieces back to the board. This virtually eliminates the possibility of lost or misplaced game pieces. The game also comes with a convenient storage pouch with handles.

Another fun game from Super Duper Publications is Go for the Dough®. Kids can improve their vocabulary, word meaning, and descriptions while driving around the board delivering pizzas.

Turtle Talk® Fluency and Language Game is another game that boosts word recognition and speech. My son really loves this one because of the turtle which houses the tokens inside! The board is bright and colorful, capturing the players’ interest while they learn.

Yogarilla Magnet Game

MagneTalk® Yogarilla® isn’t your usual academic game. Instead, it is more designed for building motor skills. Players will learn how to do yoga posts that require them to improve their strength and balance. This game is great for days that your kids have too much energy but it’s raining or too cold to go out!

All four of these Super Duper Publications products are designed for Pre-K and up. My three year old doesn’t have complete hang of them, except for Yogarilla. However, it has been fun reviewing them with him and I know that as he gets older, he will learn from them while also enjoying their play.

To see these games and more, be sure to check out the Super Duper Publications website! From now until December 20, you can save 15% off your purchase at their site by using code: DCMHM9BH — and orders of $20 or more receive free shipping to USA and Canada!


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    Love the Yogarilla game!! We definitely need that in our house for our super active kids, especially now the snow has come.