Quick & Easy Cleanups with the Swiffer Sweep & Trap

I have a confession to make: I have a messy family. A three year old that loves to eat finger foods, a husband that forgets to leave his shoes by the door, and a dog that tracks in every leaf or pine needle he can find – that just equals a not-so-nice-and-tidy floor! I’ll admit, I drop a thing or two every now and then too, especially when I’m in the kitchen pretending to be a chef.

Swiffer Sweep & Trap

Here’s another confession, while I’m at it. I hate to clean! Working from home means that my days are busy enough with two blogs, a preschooler, and an infant. The last thing I want to do is drag out the vacuum or twist my back every which way with a broom. However, I have a new secret weapon against the dirty in my house: the Swiffer Sweep & Trap!

This lightweight, portable cleaning tool makes cleanup for your daily messes a breeze! This bad boy can clean all messes, big and small. I really like that it doesn’t require batteries or electricity (which means no tripping over cords!) to run.

Swiffer Sweep & Trap Before & After

Instead, the rotating blades inside the Sweep & Trap scoop up the larger pieces of food, dirt, and whatever else is trying to take up residence in your floor while the dry cloth (same as what the Swiffer Sweeper uses) collects dust and all the tiny bits and pieces. It works better than the broom, and is so easy to maneuver that it requires less manpower. Once you’ve used a few times, the blades and dirt bin can be easily removed and reattached for cleaning.

Swiffer Sweep & Trap Review

Now that I have the Swiffer Sweep & Trap, I’ve been able to embrace life’s little messes. It makes me happy to see my healthy, independent kiddo feeding himself, no matter the amount of food that lands on the floor. Our golden retriever is like a family member, so I can smile when he leaps inside from the backyard rather than cringe at what his paws brought inside.


The new Swiffer Sweep & Trap is available at Target, if you are looking for a easier, quicker tool for cleaning your hard floors!

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