Share Vacation Pictures with Tripographer by Marriott


Vacations are taken to relax, build memories, and just get out and see the world. Along the way, many people like to take photos and videos so they can remember everything they did, ate, or saw. Many of these want to share their travel experiences with their family and friends once they've returned home. Luckily, Marriott understands the desire to share with Tripographer. Tripographer is an … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Better Baby Photography

Baby Photography Tips

With the birth of a new baby comes the excitement of wanting to capture every new moment. Their first day home, bath, smile, steps...the list goes on and on. It's important that you learn a little about baby photography before you just go snapping away. You will be happy you did, especially when you are looking back on the memories years from now. Honestly, I wish I had known more about … [Read more...]

Sears Grilling Photography Class Week 7: My Course Portfolio #SoFabU #grillingishappiness

We have finally made it to the last unit in our Sears Grilling photography course! It's bittersweet, as I feel that I have accomplished so much with my photography yet I'm sad to see the class come to an end! This post acts as my recap of the course as well some of my favorite photographs that I took while participating. Thoughout the past 6 weeks, I have learned so much about the different … [Read more...]

Sears Grilling Photography Class Week 6: Bringing it All Together #SoFabU #grillingishappiness

On the Grill

This week was a busy one for our household. A few days, my son and I were away from home, helping move my younger brother into his college dorm. When I was home, it seems like I had 1,001 things to do! Because of our busy-ness, I only had one day free to do this week's assignment for my Sears Grilling photography class. With this being the sixth week in the course, it was time to bring the … [Read more...]

Sears Grilling Photography Class Week 5: Food Photography #SoFabU #grillingishappiness

Hot Dogs

This week, the lesson for my photography class (thanks so much to Sears Grilling for a being a sponsor!) involved staging cooked foods on the plate. We also discussed lighting and background, which is the most important aspects of a quality photograph. I experimented with a few different meals, and while I think I have lots of improvement to do with the staging of the food, I did like some photos … [Read more...]