The End is Near…

I had what is now my last pre-natal doctor’s appointment yesterday. The doctor confirmed that there was still no progress being made, so he decided to schedule me for an induction. If Sawyer does not come on his own, I will be induced at 6am Monday morning. I am now getting incredibly nervous since I know the time frame I have left. I really wanted to go completely natural with this birth, but it seems my little monkey has other plans. I still have some hope that he will come on his own, but it’s looking doubtful at this point. The reason for the induction is that my doctors are concerned because he has been measuring large on both the ultrasounds and fundal height measurements.

As long as everything is okay in the end, I will be okay with this decision. This also helps because I will get there in time for at least one, but hopefully two, doses of antibiotics. I tested positive for Group B Strep, which puts him at risk for a respiratory infection at birth. The chances of that happening are slim, especially if I get meds right before/as I go into labor. Hopefully everything works out so that I do not need pain meds and can handle the pain on my own. I will be using the Bradley Method, and I feel confident I can do this without medical interventions (as far as the pain goes…). All I know is I should be one happy mama by Monday night!!


  1. Jessica says

    It sounds as if Sawyer is going to be one stubborn little boy. I wish you the best of luck with everything, and I cannot wait to see pictures. :D

  2. Claudia says

    I hope that your baby makes an appearance on his own! While I wasn’t induced, my sister in law was and she said it was no walk in the park whatsoever. However, since you know it’s coming it’ll probably be a completely different story. Good luck on your little man coming into the world!

  3. Lisa says

    Oh Gosh, it’s now morning the day after your induction, and I hope you’re cuddling a gorgeous and healthy baby boy. I cannot wait to see pictures!!