ThinkFun Roll & Play Game Review

We are a household of game players. We have board games, card games, and video games. It’s only right that we teach the kiddo to play games too! We recently were able to review the Roll and Play game from Think Fun, a cute and entertaining game for toddlers!

Perfect for ages 18 months and up, Roll and Play is designed to be your child’s first game. The rules are incredibly easy to understand, and the game is great for the entire family to play. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun!

The game contains a large colored block and a deck of playing cards. The block is rolled just like a die would be in games for older kids. Little ones roll the cube and then look at the color on the top, choosing a card that corresponds to that color. Then, the child is to perform the action found on the card.

Roll & Play Review

The 48 activity cards feature a range of different learning skills, including colors, counting, emotions, body parts, and more! The actions are easy to do, but an older child or adult should play with the children as reading of the cards is required. The game also promotes good listening skills, cooperation, taking turns, and following directions – all good qualities for your little one to have!

When we received the game in the ┬ámail, Sawyer was immediately interested. I think the bright colors of the cube really draw in a child’s attention. We opened the game after dinner so that he could play. He really liked to roll the block, but at first, it was hard to get him to stop rolling it long enough to follow through with an action card!

Soon, he realized there was more to the game than just the rolling, and he started to follow along with us as we read the card and did the action. Not long after that, we only had to read the card and he would do most of the actions. He doesn’t know all of his colors yet, so he needs assistance with those cards, but the counting and body parts cards have been a piece of cake for him!

The cube has a convenient pouch on the purple side for the box of cards. This keeps the two game pieces together so you aren’t searching for one or the other when you are ready to play Roll & Play with your kiddos!

I love that ThinkFun has realized the need for games designed for young toddlers. Many of the games we see in stores are for ages 3+, and they are a little above our kiddo’s head. This game is perfect and though he hasn’t mastered all of the concepts, I know the game will be able to help foster his learning while providing a very fun experience!