3 Tips for Better Baby Photography

With the birth of a new baby comes the excitement of wanting to capture every new moment. Their first day home, bath, smile, steps…the list goes on and on. It’s important that you learn a little about baby photography before you just go snapping away. You will be happy you did, especially when you are looking back on the memories years from now.

Baby Photography Tips

Honestly, I wish I had known more about photography before having Sawyer. His hospital portraits were rushed by the “photographers for hire” that came by and spent all of five minutes in our room with us. Back then, I had a very crappy point and shoot camera and had no idea which settings were best once he was home.

Now that I have a DSLR, the photos of my now-toddler baby are much better – but I still want to be prepared the next time we have a bun in the oven.

Luckily, photographer, author and educator Erin Manning shares three of her best baby photography tips in the video below. Erin gives you advice on setting the scene and getting close to the baby for those perfect images, as well as using a SanDisk Ultra SDHC card to make sure she never misses a shot.

To recap, here are the three tips for better baby photography presented in the video:

  1. Set the scene. Use natural window lighting and soft, solid colors in the background to prevent distractions.
  2. Get close. Use the macro setting on your camera to focus on the tiny details of your baby.
  3. Always be ready. Keep a charged battery in your camera. Use a high-quality memory card to store your photos.

What tips do you have for better baby photography?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for SanDisk. I received a product sample to thank me for participating.


  1. says

    Love these tips! I wanted to do a NB shoot with my son when he was first born, but was just too busy to even think about it. I got some okay shots, but I’m a bit bummed I didn’t do better. This would have significantly helped me!

  2. Sandy VanHoey says

    I messed up so many times trying to get close up pics of my grandson which I took tons of pictures of. Wish I had this information much earlier

  3. says

    Great tips! I wish I had done more “photo-shoots” with my girls when they were newborns, but it definitely was hard. Now, as they are toddlers, it’s almost impossible – I’d love some tips on that too!

  4. says

    Another big one – get in the picture with them sometimes! If you think about it, the point of taking the pictures is to look back later and remember…and at some point, they’re going to be doing that without you, and they’ll really appreciate having those shots of themselves with you, their grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc.

  5. Stephanie Phelps says

    I have no great tips we have been trying to get good pics and this sounds so good I am going to try these tips to see if we can get a better one. Thank you so much for the post!

  6. Dorothy Boucher says

    I love all these tips, I am always looking for ways to take better pictures and this video helped a lot.. Thanks @tisonlyme143

  7. says

    As a former professional photographer, I can not stress the importance of number one. That is true for most any kind of photography. Solid colors are best. Minimize distractions. You want your eye to go the subject first, and then pan around the rest of the photo – not the other way around. You want the face to be the first thing to be seen.

    Texture works great! If you notice in the video, the baby is laying on solid blanket with textural interest. Hand crocheted, cable knits, corduroys, etc. are all examples of this.

  8. Amy Orvin says

    I love taking pictures and am always looking for better ways to take them. These tips all make since and I totally agree with always being ready. That’s very important! One time, my cat was doing something really cute and I ran for my camara. Wouldn’t you know it, the battery was dead. I was so mad!

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