6 Tips to Traveling with a Potty Training Child

Family travel can be difficult when one of the kids in the family is potty training. This adds another element to the journey, and it is one that should be taken into account when planning your trip. There are some ways to make traveling with a potty training child easier, and I’ve listed six of them below!

Tips to Traveling with a Potty Training Child

How to Travel with a Potty Training Child

1. Don’t be afraid to use diapers.

Some parents swear off diapers and training pants while potty training due to the fear of confusing their toddlers. However, traveling can seriously throw off a young child — moreso than switching underpants will. Wearing disposable underwear while on the road will not destroy all you’ve done with potty training.

2. Stop frequently for restroom breaks.

A kid’s bladder is smaller than an adult’s, so more stops will need to be made. This is especially true if they will be traveling in underwear. If possible, map out your journey and find several places where you could stop for a potty break such as restaurants, gas stations, and rest stops.

3. Limit your toddler’s drinking when in the car.

It’s important not to allow your potty training child to fill up on beverages while in the car. This will result in more stops, and possibly more accidents. Keep the sippy cups in the front with you and monitor how much your child is drinking while traveling.

4. Pack extra outfits for the journey.

Even with the best precautions taken, it’s likely your potty training toddler will have an accident or two while traveling. Be sure you are prepared with extra outfits. Speaking of clothing, loose fitting, easy to pull down pants are best when away from home. They may help prevent

5. Bring along the potty chair.

If your little one is still afraid of the toilet, don’t hesitate to pack the potty chair. This will allow them the comforts of home while away – making it easier for the potty training to continue. A step stool from home is also an option for the toilets in the hotel room.

6. Try not to plan long getaways while training.

The less time your child is away from home, the less likely their potty training routine will be disrupted. If you can, try to delay beginning the training until after big trips. On the flip side, plan to begin it well before you’ll be leaving for vacation. If you need to get out while your child is in the middle of training, a weekend away will be better than a week-long excursion.

How do/did you survive traveling with a potty training child? Share your tips below!


  1. Louida says

    We didn’t travel during the potty training stage. But these are some great tips since traveling season is upon us.

  2. says

    These are such great tips. I am not up to potty training yet but it’s definitely coming up! Not looking forward to it!

  3. says

    I really could have used these tips when mine were smaller. I like the idea of bringing along the potty chair! That is really smart!

  4. says

    I remember when my daughter was potty training during our trip to Disney World. We must have stopped 10 times before actually reaching our destination!

  5. says

    We just returned from a 10 day long vacation in Arizona including a plane and a train and wow did we have a major setback in potty training. I caused the whole set back because I was not consistent and took a potty training break myself…….now I’m paying for it!! uuuugh

  6. says

    Thank God that I don’t have to worry about this anymore, but you have provided some really great tips. And this is a very memorable stage of their lives. have fun with it

  7. says

    I agree with all of these! (And would add to bring along an antibacterial spray to really get those public potties clean.) It’s almost easier to have a diapered child, especially on the road! :)

  8. says

    I also put my daughter in a pull up while traveling and potty training. It was much better than dealing with an accident on an air plane or in the middle of the road.

  9. says

    When we took my daughter on vacation this past October, she had just recently given up the diapers during the day (well a few months but she would still have accidents sometimes). We brought our potty chair in case she needed to make a stop and there wasn’t one. She also wore pull ups on the ride. We gave her whatever she wanted to drink since the ride can be hot. She tried to potty at every stop (I was pregnant so there was a lot). And she never had an accident, even when she fell asleep! :)


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